Five Employee Time Tracking Applications

Time is money, especially in professional life, and for the founders of small businesses. Since  they have to manage themselves, and their team too. For this, you are required to use certain employee time tracking apps to keep a good hold on time. Using an employee time tracking app, it becomes easy for you to keep the record of your employees.
If you’re an entrepreneur, then it’s important for you to stay updated with the working hours of your employees, and the billing records related to your business.
Employee Time Tracking Applications
You can simply install the app on your smartphones, or you can use your tablet to access various services for time tracking and billing.
Following is a list of five apps, that would help you getting details of your employee hours, and expenses related to a client and your company.


Hubstaff is one of the best time tracking applications, that include project management tools for small businesses, as well as the large companies. It also includes online timesheets. When your employees are using this application, you’ll also be able to track what they’are looking for.
Hubstaff lets you stay updated with the time they’re spending on a particular project. It also offers the automatic payroll, and is available in native free versions for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
You can also get your employee’s work details, and track the URLs and apps they visit.


TimeLog is a free android application, that records your working hours, as well as for your employees. It tracks the record when you’re working on your computer and when you’re away from it.
This app is fast, easy to use, user-friendly and free to download. It works both online and offline. Using this application, you can directly call your contacts, and download contacts to your personal phone book.
To use this app, you’re required to haveTimeLog project account. You can download this app from Play Store.


Toggl is also a time tracking application, which is available for iOS, android, and desktop as well. Using this app, you can start the timer when you start your work, and can stop it when you’re done. If you like to code things as personal, this app lets you do so. Also, you can create charts for the things consuming your time. The basic version of this application is available for free.


It’s a one-click real-time android application on which you can use voice commands on this app. This app lets you track working and billable time. If in case, you forgot to log into the app then you can enter time later on.

Hours time manager

Hours time manager is an iOS application for freelancers and small businesses. This app helps you in your time management. It will keep a record when you’re working and when not working. There’s a feature of social timeline and ranking, that makes you feel the presence of your peers near you.

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