First Stop, New Delhi – A Tour Across The Whole Country

New Delhi is mostly the starting point of many tourists on their tour to India. It is after exploring Delhi for a few days that they branch out to various other places in India they choose to visit. The most common destinations people travel to by-road are Agra and cities in Rajasthan, mainly Jaipur as it is the nearest. If you are looking for a more upbeat destination then you will have to head down to Goa. Flights from Delhi to Goa are easily available ready on the go.
Delhi is a very vast city and cannot be fully explored in a day or two. While there are historical sites like Jama Masjid, Qutab Minar, Raj Ghat, India Gate and Red Fort, there are also many cool hangout places and urban villages with a large array of clubs and pubs you can choose from. The city is filled with fun filled places where you can have an outing in some of the most beautiful gardens or enjoy an open mic in some of the best pubs and bars. Most of the places in and around Delhi are worth adding to your itinerary and you should try to cover it as much as as you can in your given time frame and make the most of it.
If you decide for your next destination to be Goa, the level of fun you can expect will differ from the season you choose to travel there. If the beach parties are the only thing you are looking forward to then you should time your travel between early December to late January. That is the time the beach parties are at their peak. But Goa is not just about the beach and this beautiful place has a lot to offer if you explore it well. You can further move towards the nearby cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune after your time in Goa is done.
If your interest lies towards the South of India, then Bangalore is the best way to start. Explore this much talked about metropolitan city and indulge in the exciting experience it offers you. The city has nice historical sights, beautiful balance of nature side by side tall skyscrapers in glass facades, happening nightlife every single night and some of the finest restaurants in the country. You will fall in love with the climate and the people immediately and feel at home even in the midst of unfamiliar faces. From Bangalore you can take a roadtrip to the beautiful city of Mysore which is a two hour drive away from the city or head down further South towards Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Chennai takes about seven hours by road and taking an overnight bus saves you time as you get your even hours sleep plus you wake up to a new destination serving both purposes at once! Flights from Delhi to Bangalore are available on a daily basis as both these international airports are the biggest and the best in the country.
As the saying goes, “well begun is half done”, start off Delhi with a well planned trip and choose your destinations wisely to make the best of your tour!

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