Few Innovative Shapes of Cakes for Every Occasion in India

Cakes are one of the important element of every special occasion. Today, most of the people staying in India have to go out of the country for one or the other reasons.  Since it is an official proceeding, the family needs to stay in India. Individuals staying out of the country actually misses the family a lot. They want to send some gifts as a remembrance. You can now easily send cakes to India to complement various occasions. If it is your marriage anniversary and your wife is staying away from you, a small gift along with the cake will be wonderful. Even for other occasions, the cake must be sent.  There are different types of cakes from where you can choose the appropriate one.
Types and shapes of cakes as gifts
Round cake
It is one of the common variety of cakes which people gets from the market. Yet, the fashion of round shaped cake has never come to an end.  You can now purchase such cake for a birthday. The flavors for the round cakes are many. You can go for the pine apple flavor, chocolate and strawberry. There are still many variations related to this. It include chocolate cake, black forest cake, butter scotch etc.

Heart shape cake
The cakes with heart shape has a great significance. It will be good for celebrating occasions like anniversary, wedding day celebration or engagement day. You must have heard about the Valentine’s Day. This is the very special day for all lovers. Unmarried couples and married couples celebrate this day. This won’t be possible unless you have a cake. You can order the cake right away to celebrate this wonderful day.
Square shaped cake
If you want to go for the cakes with a different pattern, the square shaped cake will be wonderful. You need to decide the requirement of creams and toppings over the cake. The occasion of celebration can be exclusively yours. If it is your family occasion, let your family members assemble and decide the flavor and other creamy coating to be placed over the square shaped cake.
Teddy bear cake
Your kid’s birthday is approaching. You must think about a surprise for him. They like cutting cakes during their birthday. Celebration can be done with a cake that has a different design. Do you know that a cake with image of teddy is available today? You must order such cake for your children’s birthday. You kid will be very happy to receive the same.
Flower cake with image
Did you hear about the personalized gift item? You can now include the cake among the personalized gift items. Cakes can be easily sent from the online cake shops. You have to place the order immediately. This is a special type of cake where the flower shaped sweets will be surrounded. At the same time there will be an image of the person presented in the middle of the cake.

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