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Fashion Wear That are Trending This Summer

Fashion is always evolving. It is full of creativity and new ideas. What is new today is likely to get replaced by tomorrow. Fashion is all about standing with a different identity in a crowd. For many it’s a passion and for some it’s just a hobby. Whether its women or men they all love to be part of trending style. Some garments like Tunic can be worn by both women and men. In past it was an Ancient Rome garment. It is of several types, mainly it is a garment with a length reaching from shoulders to in between the ankles and hips. It is considered one of the most comfortable dress and a black tunic in closet for women is highly recommended.

Similarly, palazzo pants are also a huge fashion trend. It has been popular since 1960’s and usually worn during 60’s by glamorous women all over Europe. Presently, it has become a part of summer for many women since they are very comfortable and easy to wear. They are basically appropriate in light, fabrics flowing in hot weather. They broaden up evenly starting from waist to ankle and they are totally different from Gaucho Trousers and bell bottoms. Gaucho Trousers usually extend to mid-calf length, whereas Bell bottoms snug till they widen out from the knee. Palazzo pants are very good at creating illusion of wearing an mxi skirt.

If you are thinking of buying tunic or palazzo this summer, don’t forget to consider your proportion of outfit. Be balanced. Since Palazzo’s are heavy at the bottom as they flare out at the knees, so try keeping the tunics or top you are wearing well-fitted and light.

Either it’s about looking glamorous or smart formal look you can get from tunic as well as palazzo pants. It can be one of the best outfits in the closet for this summer.

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