Online Mattress Shopping Tips

Experience The Difference With These Online Mattress Shopping Tips

With the onset of the pandemic came the rapid growth of e-commerce. This change pushed customers to use the internet to perform most daily activities – even shopping. Likewise, a 2020 study found out that e-commerce has become a substitute during these trying times, giving customers a safe outlet to fulfill needs through the internet.

With this in mind, shopping for a new mattress online will be a unique and unfamiliar task – but it can become bearable and carefree once you’ve familiarized yourself with these five easy steps. Thus, take on the new normal of shopping online and get your quality mattress now:

Learn About Mattress Types

Doing a little information-digging on mattress types is the first way to go. By doing so, you figure out what each class is capable of and what you can expect from the material. Likewise, it could also provide great insight – since mattress types influence whether you’d receive comfort or spinal support from a firm or a soft bed.


Although innerspring beds are made from spring systems, they also contain a foam layer on top for additional comfort. Likewise, you could even get a different coil construction, whether continuous (made from one spring) or Bonnell (multiple springs shaped like an hourglass). With the coil system found in the beds, you get support for your spine and bounce.

Memory Foam

If you want softer beds compared to the innerspring, you may want to look into memory foam beds. These beds are great for contouring your body’s curves when you sleep on your side – easing pressure off places like your shoulders and hips. Although memory foam beds absorb heat, new variations of these beds have included cooling properties.


Softness and comfort are the top priority for the latex bed. Similarly, these naturally-made beds are more breathable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly than memory foam. Not only this, as these beds also offer a solid bounce and give you a more relaxed feel when you lay on them.


If you’re a combo sleeper that can’t handle too soft beds like memory and latex, or too firm mattresses like the innerspring, then you may want to look into hybrid beds. These beds combine the advantages of comfort and support, giving you the best compromise!

Look At The Mattress Brands

Looking and choosing reputable and trustworthy brands for your mattress is always necessary. Since you’re shopping online, you won’t get the same feel or touch when you shop in person – so it’s essential to increase your odds of attaining your quality mattress.

Additionally, choosing a reputable brand gives you a set of perks as these brands offer free shipping, valid warranties, and return policies. You could even look and navigate through these brands by looking at the best mattresses if you want. Here, you finish two tasks with one click – determine a reputable brand and pick a quality bed.

Read The Reviews

Reviews from customers who bought the bed will help you as they’ve had the first-hand experience of how the mattress feels. You could even treat the reviews as the bed’s walk-through, making your shopping experience easier and faster. Likewise, it could even help you if you have doubts about buying a particular bed.

Not only this, as there are also customer reviews that compare the same material or bed type among different brands. By reading such, you gain sufficient knowledge to buy the perfect bed for you, saving you time and even worry.

Decide On Your Budget

Since you’ve determined your bed’s material and brand, deciding your budget comes next. This factor allows you to choose whether or not you’re willing to buy the mattress – if the bed fits into your planned budget, if you have extra finances to purchase other accessories or if you’re ready to go over the budget to get the mattress.

Likewise, you’ll have to consider the total cost of your mattress. It would help if you felt your shipping fee to prepare your wallet for extra payments. Overall, regardless of whether your budget may be high or low, there are always beds ranging from different prices.

Understand The Trial Period

The trial period is crucial since you didn’t get the chance to hold or feel your bed when shopping. Likewise, some brands offer a generous trial period, allowing you to handle your bed before committing to it ultimately. During the trial period, you need to determine whether the mattress is right for you. If not, you could even return the bed as long as it still fits within the allotted time.


When the new norm is social distancing and lockdowns, adapting to these changing times by shopping online is a must. Although it may be uncharted territory, it can be easy and hassle-free, especially these five steps. Likewise, buying a large item for your home, such as beds, isn’t as daunting as it may seem. With a little bit of reading and a lot of clicking, you quickly arm yourself with the needed information.

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