Enjoying Southern Jewels India Tour on the Maharaja Express

When you think of luxury travels, you will invariably think of the Maharaja Express. This is because this luxury train has redefined luxury on wheels. It has offered a unique chance to travel-lovers to experience India’s rich cultural heritage in the best way possible. It has come out with fabulous week-long trips through the length and breadth of this nation, one of which is the highly recommended Southern Jewels India tour. Each of these luxury train tours is an amazing experience because they symbolize the perfect blend of culture and opulence.

When you book yourself on the Maharaja Express for the Southern Jewels India tour, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you get. The packages include butler services, luxury accommodations on the train, guided tours in some of the more popular tourist destinations, paramedic services, transport services at every station etc. Every day in this week-long tour is special, it is like slowly unwrapping a box of gifts. Each day you will be treated to a new exotic destination, whether it is a sea-beach or a UNESCO heritage site or palaces and gardens.

In the Southern Jewels India tour, you will first embark in Tiruvananthapuram which is the capital city of Kerala. From here you will sent to the railway station where you can board the Maharaja Express. You will be given a grand welcome by the train crew after which you have the complete freedom to unwind and dine on board. This is followed by the stop a Chettinad where you are given a brief sightseeing tour. Chettinad is known for its rich heritage, its finger-licking cuisine, and unparalleled Dravidian architectural specimens. Tourists are even treated to “dhoti raping” and “sari draping” activities in Chettinad. Mahabalipuram is the next stop where tourists are taken to see the “Panch Rathas” from the Mahabharata. These resemble pagodas or Buddhist shrines. After a rewarding stay here, the tourists on board the Southern Jewels India tour are taken to the historic city of Mysore.

A visit to Mysore can never be complete without a sightseeing tour of the famous Mysore Palace. The best part about booking a ticket on the Maharaja Express train is that you will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to dine in a royal ambience. The Lalitha Mahal Palace, where tourists are taken for fine dining, is today a five-star hotel owned by the Ashok Group. Interested tourists will also be taken to visit the capital of Tipu Sultan at Shreerangapatnam. On the fifth day, the Maharaja Express reaches Hampi. Following a lavish breakfast spread on the train itself, tourists will be taken to explore the famous UNESCO heritage sites and statues. Travelers are provided with an equally delectable lunch on board after which they can tour the village of Anegudi to get a taste of the life and activities of locals. The penultimate stop is at Goa where tourists can enjoy a variety of cuisines, architecture and cultural activities. Tourists will be treated to mouthwatering meals and cocktails for dinner at some exotic venue in this beach town.

At Goa, tourists can take a tour of the churches, the tomb which has the remains of St. Francis Xavier, the Se Cathedral etc. They are then taken for lunch at a popular Goan diner followed by a heritage walk through the cobbled streets and terraced hills. The final stop is at Mumbai the following morning where guests are transported to the Mumbai station or airport for their onward journeys. The Southern Jewels India tour is one of the many tours which Maharaja Express arranges for its guests. It is memorable in every way, starting from the locations to the arrangements. You can soak in the natural beauty of the landscape and experience royal pleasures and make memories of a lifetime.

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