Electric gates for better security and safety for residential and commercial establishments

With rising crime incidents in the country, security concern is a quintessential aspect of both residential and commercial buildings. Most of the big organizations already have their established secured through various security measures. No matter how many security devices are installed, old school fencing and gates are relevant everywhere. Security gates have also witnessed lots of change in the last one decade. Today electric gates in Melbourne are quite popular, not just in commercial and industrial spaces, but also many homeowners install these gates for better protection. These security gates provide a full-proof way to secure the first line of defense. These gates are also a great option for large warehouses, personal properties, and large storehouses.
With the rising demands, security gates also find a tremendous transformation and variety. In the market, you can find lots of diverse kinds of gates such as semi-automatic, welded mesh gates and automatic gates. Mostly, these gates are manufactured with complete customization facility. So, one can design their own gates and manufacture according to technical specifications. Before choosing a remote gate, it is important to find the right reason to install it. After all, these gates come with a heavy price and depending on the customization, the cost could be hefty.
How much security you need
The main reason for installing a security gate is of course security. Now the moot question is how much security you really need to install an automatic gate on your property. Security plays an essential aspect of both residential and business properties. Even in residential areas, security is more relevant as business organizations have lots more security measures other than fencing and gates. Remote gates in Melbourne are the highest form of defense against any intruders. Remote gates are connected with audio video surveillance, so no one can really enter voluntarily escaping the eyes of the monitor.
You also need to consider the convenience factor because wooden or heavy metal gates are really painful because every time you have to manually open the gate. Apart from security factor, there is also a convenience factor that makes automatic gates are preferable.
Buy a new one or automate you existing one
Creating a new gate and automate your existing gate is a choice you need to consider. In terms of monetary feasibility, installing an automated functionality in an existing gate is lesser cost, but from the technical point of view, every automated gate has its own hinge geometry and if that does not comply with your posts or pillars, either you have to build a new pillar or purchase a new gate. For a better evaluation, consult a professional to see whether installing an automation in existing is really feasible in long-term.
What type of design you want
You can buy a ready-made gate or customize the gate. It depends on the exterior designing of your property. It looks odd if you install a huge gate in a relatively small property. Similarly, a gate with an uncorrelated fence could be a disaster in terms of exterior designing. It is, therefore, important to find the right customization in accordance to your exterior designing of home and property.
Maintenance tips for your electric gates
Just installing a gate is not enough; for proper functioning, you need regular maintenance of the product. For any electrical product, it is important to check it in a regular interval.

  • Cleaning the gate regularly and occasional waxing makes the wrought iron long-lasting and improves the performance. For a proper sandblasting procedure, you need to uninstall the gate and disarm the electrical devices, but it is an expensive maintenance, and not required really unless you really face a problem.

  • Electrical gates have electrical circuits, so you need to clean the circuit or at least vigilant about snails, slugs or visible moisture. The problem aggravates generally during rainy seasons.

  • Do not go for any cheap stuff. It is better to not to install an automated gate rather than installing cheap gates. The circuit boards are more robust and have better protective covering in good quality gates. In the long run, cheap quality gates require heavy maintenance without fixed bearing on swing entryways.

  • If you gate doesn’t have wheels or sealed bearing hinges, you need regular oiling for smooth functioning. For slide gate, oiling in the drive chain is important.

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Jesse Flynn is a professional architect working for last 22 years in the industry. He has been associated with different clients offering them consultancy about remote gates in Melbourne. He is also involved in lots of writing on different subjects including security system, electric gates in Melbourne and others.

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