Effective ways for a successful SMS campaign!

SMS marketing is basically the act of sending messages to all the clients, who have signed up to get them. This might be an old school trick, but it is quite effective. It helps in increasing sales, enlightening people about the latest discounts and builds brand loyalty. This will also broaden your customer reach! A lot of times people do not open their text messages, but, out of 2000, at least 500 will definitely see it and react to it.

1. Keep it short – When opting to send SMS to customers about discounts and deals, keep it short and simple. Do not exceed the 160 characters when you are forming a message! For example, if you are having a deal of 50% off on a few items, you can write, “exciting deals wait for you, get 50% off on selected items today.” That’s all! People never read long messages, which is why keeping it to the point matters the most.

2. Target audience – SMS marketing is not about one size fits all. You need to segment the customer phone number lists into various sections. For the young ones, you can use a few well-known brand names and send messages about the products they would buy. And, for the older buyers, you can target the text towards specific items for healthcare or things that they must have purchased in the past. When you send SMS to your customers, you need to start preparing days in advance to come up with something effective.

3. Timing matters a lot – Timing will get you more sales for sure! If you are sending messages about lunch discounts or snacks deals through your service just an hour or hour and a half before lunch time which is around 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, you will get more sales. If you send such a message in the evening or by 4 in the afternoon, it doesn’t have much of an impact.
4. Avoid spamming – You can send just two text messages a day, and that’s about all. Once you start spamming customers, they will automatically get irritated with your SMS and start deleting it without even reading. If you have various deals, pick the ones with the most discounts and send two separate messages about them only in a day. For instance, if you have a sale on kitchen tools, you can pick out a few popular items and send a message about them to the target audience. Keep the other message generic which can be at any time during the day.
5. Limited time – When you have a limited time offer, or you add words like, for an hour only or from 12 to 2 PM only or midnight deal for special 3 hours, people will automatically want to at least check out your site or services. You need to play around with the right words in just 160 characters to get clients to buy from you. Limited time offers work wonders!

Use a good medium to send bulk SMS to all your clients in these effective ways.

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