Easy Ways to Create Eid Gift Baskets

Eid is not only a holy festival for Muslims but also a social occasion to cherish your relationships. Eid is a very lively occasion in Pakistan specifically as our social values and traditional norms beautifully blend with its purpose. Eid is joyfully celebrated throughout the country as it brings a lot of excitement and fun with it and is the best time to forget your worries and amend your broken relations. 

In Pakistan, people have this tradition of greeting each other on Eid with traditional gifts like sending mithai to your relatives home in another city. If you are living abroad you must send special Eid gifts to Pakistan online to your brother, sister, parents or whole family. These gifts are basically a binding force to fascinate our loved ones and strengthen our bonds. 
Nowadays, there is a rising trend of making gift baskets or sometimes people want to save time and they just send gifts to Pakistan on Eid through online delivery services. In either case, the gift basket is carefully selected and also self made by many to showcase more affection to their family. Hence, when it comes to making Eid Gift Baskets, here are a few tips to make them easily.

1. Choose a Proper Basket- The gift basket should be chosen very intelligently because it has to carry all the stuff so it should be good enough to bear the load. Cane or wicker baskets are easily available in the market or if you want to save money, you can find any type of box in your home as well. Also check if the size of the basket is feasible to carry the products in it.

2. Thematic Items- The theme is already known so it won’t be difficult to find products relevant to Eid. However, it can depend on whom you wish to send gifts to Pakistan. If it is women, you must consider having some jewelry, beauty & hair care products, chocolates, any accessory that your loved one likes to use. You can easily make a combination of 3-4 products which will be good enough to fill up your basket.

3. Arranging the Basket- Once the items are selected, you should now arrange the basket to be filled. You should layer the basket with fillers like shredded paper, crumbled papers, or tissues, shredded cellophane etc. However, if you want to give it a fun look you can take colorful papers and shred them to fill the basket. It will be a part of your decoration. 

4. Assort the Products- Product assortment is important because it will make your basket look enticing. Hence, you should carefully arrange the products so every item is distinctly visible and is coordinating with the appearance. The products should be fixed in the layers of the basket so they do not get distorted during transportation as it will leave bad impression when the recipient opens the gift basket.

5. Wrap the Basket- If you do not want to do too much extra you should simply wrap the basket with some colored transparent wrapping paper, tie it with a contrasting ribbon or simply punch it. Also, you can spray paint your cane or wicker basket in case you want to make it look more colorful. You can use golden or silver paint whichever goes with your theme. Also attach a greeting card on the front with your heartiest wishes.

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