Dry Cleaners Do More Than Just Dry Clean

Did you know that dry cleaning was discovered because of kerosene? In the 1800s, Jolly Belin of France accidentally spilled kerosene on dirty laundry, which resulted in completely banishing the stains. He then opened the first ever dry cleaning establishment in Paris using kerosene.
However, since kerosene is flammable, cleaners looked for a cleaning agent that will not cause them to be denied insurance. They discovered perchloroethylene or perc, in 1948. This liquid chemical lifts dirt from common fabrics without shrinking the clothes or causing the color to fade. It can also be reused, which saves on cost.
Let us look at all the processes that dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga involves.
When you leave your clothes with the cleaners, your clothes get tagged and identified. If a garment needs special care, a special tag is affixed to that item. After tagging, pre-treating chemicals are applied for easier removal of stains. Pre-treating stains can also happen at home, before dropping off your clothes with professionals. Dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga suggest simply applying water on a wet stain, or a solvent for dry stains. Afterward, tap and blot both sides of the fabric with a soft cloth. Rinse the fabric, dry and then take it to Chaffey Cleaner for professional dry cleaning.
We now go to the dry cleaning process itself. It is called dry cleaning because there is no water used in the process. Dry cleaning does not infiltrate the fibers by wetting them with water. Dry cleaners put your clothes in a machine that looks like your common washer. But instead of filling the washer up with water, perc is used to loosen up the stains. The dirt is separated from the solvent via a filter.
As part of quality control, post-spotting is performed. Professional equipment using steam, water, air, and vacuum are used to further remove stains. Once done, your cleaners will examine your clothes to see if there are still any remaining stains. If none, they will go on to finishing, which includes pressing, steaming, ironing, or doing repairs on the garment, if necessary. They also perform alterations. Your cleaners can also store your out-of-season clothes for you. They store it in a vault for safety.
Dry cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga not only involves clothing. Blankets, comforters, pillows, rugs, upholstery, and draperies are also cleaned. Some dry cleaners also specialize in odor removal and restoration of old wedding gowns and other antique items.
The current trend in dry cleaning is using environmentally-safe products, as a result of government regulations and to promote consumer awareness on environmental issues. Chaffey Cleaner is one of the best dry cleaners in Rancho Cucamonga. They introduced Green Earth dry cleaning which uses pure liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is a safe, natural by-product of sand, and a better alternative to traditional solvents. Log on to http://chaffeycleaners.com/ for more details.
Your dry cleaners are experts on fashion and fabrics, and they are up-to-date with the latest cleaning technologies to clean your clothes right.

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