Does Android Development Differ from iOS Development?

Many people make the error of thinking that development of all mobile apps is the same. That being said, Android development and iOS development are actually quite different, and because of that, it’s important that you have people on a software development team that know and understand both of those types of development, no matter what they may be working on. How do the two differ, and why is it important to have those people doing the work of app development? Let’s take a closer look at this topic.
Android Development

Why Are Android and iOS development So Different?

There are quite a few reasons why Android and iOS development are so different from one another. The main one is that their operating systems are not the same. As it is with Windows and Mac PCs, you have different things running the device, thus making it so that you can’t put the same software on there. That’s why you see software that is “Mac only” or “PC only.” It’s the same sort of thing when it comes to Android’s OS’s and iOS requirements. An app that has been programmed to work on an iPhone is going to need a few changes in order to be able to work on your Android device.

Another reason that Android development and iOS development are so different is because the devices themselves are built differently. You will find different “guts” instead of an Android device than you do an Apple device. While many of the technologies overlap, they are just different enough that you can’t use the same apps on the same devices. You’ve probably even seen Android apps that are only available on certain versions due to this – even different Androids are different from each other (for example, a tablet app may be different than a cell phone app, etc).

Why Do We Need Both?

We want to have people on our teams that take care of both because we want to be able to reach the most people that we can. There are lots of people with Apple Devices, but there are even more with Android. If we only do our work for one or the other, then we’re going to miss out on a portion of the population, which could hurt a reputation, reduce awareness, and possibly decrease the amount of profit that you would end up getting otherwise.

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