Do You Aspire To Attain 100 Marks In Mathematics In Class 10th?

When we talk about Mathematics, scoring is either full mark for a sum or a complete zero if the answer is wrong. This is because there is no other possibility. A single mistake in one step will yield you to so many following mistakes. Hence you need to be attentive as well as good in mathematical concepts throughout the year in 10th for a successful 100 in the report card.

Good suggested practice:

NCERT solutions for class 10th Maths chapter 12 can help you so much additionally to your routine textbooks and hence if you are learning “Areas of Circle” Topic in school or coaching, it’s a good practice to back home and solve multiple examples given in NCERT yourself and then verify the answer. Never simply refer to solved examples blindly!

Tricks to score a full 100 in exams:

  1. Keep your paper neat and clean with rough work also very neatly done

Every examiner likes a tidy paper where he finds it a treat to check. It helps him or her to examine the paper by checking each and every step properly and makes him delighted. So for a complete 100, good handwriting and neat paper is like love at first sight for all teachers or examiners.

  1. Step by step marking is done

In Mathematics, your answers are not simply given marks but every step matters. So, while preparing and studying, improve yourself gradually on writing self-explanatory statements along with theorems mentioned for a better impact on the examiner. He would judge you as a bright student and hence you would be more near to 100 marks.

  1. Diagrams and Graphs

Every graphic is a cherry on the cake. Problems if described via neat and accurately labelled diagrams are always a step towards accurate results. So always give all attention on making correct diagrams as it will bring you closer to perfectly right answers.

  1. Attempt all similar kind of questions first

No one wants you to complete full question paper in the same sequence. You may hence plan a smart strategy and do sums of the same type together. This will improve your speed and skills, thus lending you more time for complex sums. For example, sums which need to calculate areas related to circles class 10 CBSE should be done together as you already know the formulas and hence you need to apply the same formula in different questions which make it easy and faster.

  1. Revise as well as Practice

Only Practice makes man perfect and this is the only strategy which will help you achieve a complete 100. The more sums you solve personally, the more questions of different types you attempt, the more papers you solve, etc. will help you achieve better.

“The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics!!”

This is a fact. The more you practice, the more you will understand and hence you need to write down and learn Mathematics. No visual reading on solutions or solved examples can help you.

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