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For most people assume that a healthy person is someone whose physical body does not suffer from any kind of illness. However, the members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer, a prominent healing community hold a different view. They explain that true health also includes the wellbeing of an individual’s mind, sentiments and spirit. They refer to healing as balancing these aspects with the world of Nature in coexistence with the Sacred Law. According to them, this is only way human beings on this planet can discover their true self and experience the bliss they crave for in life.

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path

The members of this international healing group perform a healing ceremony on a regular basis for new individuals who join them, which they call ‘The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path’. While ritual does not conform to the traditional shamanic approach to holistic healing, it includes the knowledge from various sacred paths and the science of the Western world. Its objective is to address and heal human beings of all aliments that affect their bodies, emotions, soul and mind. This enables them to attain a sense of balance and become conscious of reality in the world they live in.

Healing ceremony

During the ceremony, the individuals who intend to undergo the healing process form a circle, which the members call a sacred space with proficient practitioners. These professionals have who have years of experience in this practice the help the newcomers overcome any doubts or anxiety they may have about the ritual. The aim is to assist beginners to introspect deep into themselves and recognize the symptoms that are causing them to become sick. This ultimately helps them to make the necessary choices to cure and heal themselves. This takes them a step closer to attaining happiness in life.

At the onset of the intake process, the new individuals need to answer several questions that the practitioners may ask them. This to enable such professionals to investigate the major events that have taken place in their lives that have led to the occurrence of the ailment. It provides an opportunity to all the participants of this ritual to introspect and become aware of the decisions they have made during this period. The answers to these newcomers provide go a long way in helping the experts to design the proper ceremony.

The practitioners use various shamanic techniques such as the chanting of holy healing chants, use of crystals and body paintings during the ceremony. They aim at releasing all form of blockages in the energy fields of the individuals undergoing the ritual and restore a sense of balance. The person who the professionals nominate as ‘the Dance Chief’ is responsible for conducing the ritual. He/she supervise the rite and supports the newcomers in the healing process.

‘The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path’ give a chance to all the newcomers who want to cure them to introspect into circumstances that have led to their illnesses. The members of Harley Reagan Quodoushka Deer Tribe Swiftdeer say this brings about a desire in such individuals to heal themselves by restoring a sense of balance. It also gives them an opportunity to reach their full potential.

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