Different Types of FRP Grating Products and Access Systems

Factory managers and owners need to install different grating products, handrail systems and access system for enhancing the efficiency of the workers. We can differentiate these products in three below category:

  • Handrail System
  • Grating Products
  • Ladder and Platforms

These types of products can be made of many materials like steel, wood or aluminum. But I always suggest using fibreglass made products. This material offers plenty of benefits. I will come to that later. But first of all, let me reveal different type access system that you can install in your workshop.
Grating Products:
This type of product can be used as a flooring system. But factory managers are suggested to hire a supplier who offers customize FRP grating products. It will allow you to install grating products wherever you want. Different types of grating products include:

  1. Pultruded grating with FRP Stair Treads
  2. Moulded grating with FRP Stair Treads
  3. Different types of grating accessories
  4. Installation accessories

Platform Systems:
Different types of platforms are used to provide a strong base to the workers to deal with various industrial jobs. Platform system products include:

  1. General platform structure
  2. Customize platform structure
  3. Installation accessories and more

Hand Rail Systems:
This type of product can be installed in parallel of a stair. Most of the industrial accidents occur due to falling and slipping accidentally from a stair. When you install a handrail system that enhances the safety measures of your stair and reduces the chance of accidents.  Different types of handrail systems are:

  1. High strength handrail
  2. Economic handrail
  3. Round tubular and square tubular handrail
  4. Adjustable Handrail

Access Ladder:
Ladder is a product that is designed with few series of steps (bars) between two parallel stands. Ladders can be made of many materials like wood or metal. But it is always a better option to use fibreglass composite ladders because FRP is light in weight so easy to carry from one place to another. Different type of access ladders are:

  1. General ladder
  2. Cage Ladder

Why Choose Only FRP made Products over Steel or Wood:
Fibreglass offers the same heavy-duty performance as steel, wood or aluminum does. However, the material is very light in weight. As a result, it becomes very easier for industrial workers to move FRP made products from one place to another. This material is also known for their durability. FRP made products are UV ray protected, water proof and dust proof. So using fibreglass products is also cost effective solution.
Bottom Lines: These are the different types of FRP made industrial grating products, access ladder and platform systems. Hope the article was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. If you still have any question regarding this, feel free to leave us a mail.

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