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Different Types of Beds for you To Consider

It’s true that a bed is a man’s best friend. It welcomes and comforts you after a long and tiring day. It is your laziness spot from which you don’t want to leave. It has nothing but love to offer when you come crash on it and provides you emotional security when you’re down and low. It’s not just a bed; it is also where you watch back to back TV shows on your laptop, where you drink soup on a cold winter or where you just like to drift into a deep slumber without a care in the world.
Since the bed occupies such an important part in all our lives, great amount of consideration should be given as to which type of bed you’d like to invest in. Here are a few types of beds which are different and unique which you could consider:
Four Poster Beds
The credit of making this style of bed popular can be given to Harry Potter, with the students having four poster beds in their dormitories. The bed has four pillars on all its side making it look quite majestic. This is an amazing antique style bed adding a traditional look and feel to the room. The wood is highly carved and designed with artwork making it royal and regal. This is a great addition to your room making it look extremely luxurious.

Canopy Bed
A canopy bed is quite similar to a four poster bed with the pillars on all its sides however it is done up with beautiful drapes and curtains which gives it a unique vintage look. You can mix and match various fabrics and color schemes to really add character to it. You can play around with sheer curtains or silk drapes that would take up the style quotient up a notch. In order to decorate your beautiful canopy bed with latest drapes and bed sheets, make use of limeroad coupons that also help you earn great discounts and Cashback.

Sofa Bed
A sofa bed adds dual comfort- it acts as a sofa for your guests and when you’re too tired to wind up after a long party, you can use it as a bed and crash right there. It is a great piece of furniture adding utility and uses less space as you can serve a dual purpose with it. They can also be used for guests when you’re running short of space and don’t have a bed to offer- this handy bed will surely come to the rescue.

Bunk Bed
Bunk beds are a great option as they use less storage but provide comfortable sleeping space for two people. Bunk beds are common among children’s bedrooms making it fun, playful as well as utilising space. They have their own level of comfort and come in different styles which you can consider depending on the mood of the room. If in the future space isn’t a constraint, most bunk beds can also become two singular beds and can be used accordingly. Running around for a bed can be quite hectic which is why you should make use of askmebazaar coupons from that get you great options to pick from and also help you earn additional Cashback and discounts.

Water Bed
A water bed is a great floatation bed that adds great amount of comfort to the back easily taking the shape of the body. It is now increasing in popularity and is great for people who suffer back pains or are insomniac struggling to fall asleep every night. It also helps asthmatic patients by reducing the frequency of attacks. It also results in less tossing and turning giving you a sound sleep that you deserve after a long day.

There are various kinds of beds to pick and choose from with each having its own distinct character. Pick one which goes with the general setting of your home and at the same time adds a dash of uniqueness separating it from the hoi polloi of usual bed schemes and settings.

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