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Different desserts to try when in China!

China is known for its uniqueness and trust us, you will find some of the most quirky desserts in the country. If you are planning to visit China anytime soon, then you must carry this list along. We have decided to put down a list of the most unique and popular desserts, mainly cakes, originated from China! Read on if you want to try some of these out…

1. Chongyang Cake – This is a traditional cake made in China, which is eaten during the Chongyang Festival. It is made with rice flour, jujube chestnut, pulse flour, almond and sugar where all together are baked. The ingredients itself sound amazingly interesting. This cake is associated with luck in China, and if you go during this festival, then you will get a chance to taste this delight.

2. Crystal cake – This is a traditional dessert made in several houses in China. The history dates back to more than 800 years with this special cake. It is said that this cake was created in Xiagui at the time of the Song Dynasty. The reason it is named Crystal cake because it has fillings, which shine bright and they are translucent like crystals. Hence, it is called Crystal cake!

3. Egg tart – Egg custard or egg tart, this recipe is a special custard tart you can find in Hong Kong and several other countries these days. It contains a pastry crust outside and is filled with egg custard in between, which is then baked. The recipe is simple and the dessert too. If you like eggs, then you might like this dessert.

4. Moon cake – Mooncake is a famous traditional dessert, which is eaten during the Mid-Autumn festival in China. This is the festival wherein moon watching and lunar worshiping takes place. This is the vital reason why the cake is called mooncake. There is several variety of mooncakes you can find in the bakeries across China during this festival.

5. Pandan cake –The Pandan cake is a fluffy, light sponge cake, which is made with the juice of Pandanus leaves. It is light green in colour due to the leaf juice. There is also green colouring used sometimes to enhance the colour of the cake. The main part about this cake is that it should be green in colour!

6. Red bean cake – Made with azuki beans, this special cake is made with sweet red bean paste which is filled in the cake.

7. White sugar cake – Often known as white cake sugar or white pastry sugar is a true white pastry made in China. It is the most common dessert you will find in Hong Kong. You can find it overseas too but only in China based bakery shops. It is made with rice flour, water, white sugar and a special leavening agent. You should give this dessert a try without fail. You will be able to find it at every bakery in China!

If you are not going to China, then you can call for cake delivery of one of these cakes.

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