Design Tips When Using Large Format Printing in Advertising

Effective advertising and promotion of products or services are crucial to every business. There are a lot of ways to attract your customer’s attention when advertising, one of which is through large format printing. Large format printing is commonly used outdoors, in exhibitions, trade shows, as well as in-store merchandising. It usually comes in the form of billboards, conference or trade displays, and posters. Creating an eye-catching display and utilizing high-quality large format printing services is essential for your advertisement to be effective.
It is important to produce an excellent design for a large format printing not only to get your customer’s attention but also to help your ads stand out. Large format printing can boost your company’s branding which is why it is necessary to design it in a way that people will easily remember your name. Remember, every advertisement may make or break you so to help you come up with a great design for your large format print, here are the basic things that you need to consider.

Use Vector Formats If Possible

The most common format for images that are used by graphic designers are bitmaps which include the standard BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. Each of these file types has specific properties that make it preferable for certain uses; for instance,  Joint Photographic Expert Group or JPEG is popularly used in digital photos for its compression scheme. However, bitmap format is not ideal for large scale designs as it tends to be pixelated when enlarged.
Images with a vector format are suitable for large scale printing since this type of format can be scaled up or down perfectly. The elements in your images stay proportional even when enlarged making it look sharp on a large scale. Vector images also have a smaller file size compared to bitmap images making it faster to spool to the printer when printing.

Choose your color wisely

When choosing the right color palette, keep it as simple as possible to make it more recognizable. You may stick with the noticeable colors in your company’s logo, however, keep in mind that printers use CMYK mode in printing. It will be best to use CMYK when designing so the images will come out as beautiful as you expected after printing.

Keep your fonts simple

Fancy fonts are not always the way to go when making large scale designs. Large format prints are meant to be read from a distance so make sure to use a font that is simple and readable. Avoid using scripts because even though it blends well with your design, it can be distracting and hard to read from afar. Choose fonts that are well-spaced with enough spacing between the words and check if it works well with the contrast of your design.

Stand away from your monitor

When checking your final design, take a few steps away from your monitor and see if it looks good from a distance. You should stand about 10-20 feet away and check if the design works the way you want it to be. Designers work perfectly when the image is right in front of them, so it pays to check if the overall impact will be the same when viewed from a distance.

Decide where to print your design

After curating the best large scale design, the next step is choosing where your design will be printed. Metal prints are the best choice when it comes to large format prints that last. Metal prints use advanced technology when printing images on aluminum and deliver high-quality imaging that lasts for more than 60 years. Metal prints uses aluminum to provide you with prints that are resistant to scratches, heat and fading. Aluminum is also relatively light making it easy for you to hang your prints.
Large format printing services that offer excellent metal printing should be your top choice for large scale prints. Image Wizards is the industry leader when it comes to metal prints. Being the inventor of metal prints, Image Wizards delivers the finest metal printing that utilizes state-of-the-art sublimation process guaranteed to provide you with high-quality results.
Effective advertising requires quality prints. Take your advertising to the next level with these tips and see the difference that large format metal prints can do for you.

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