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Know The Art Of Measuring Your Custom Outdoor Furniture Covers To Get The Perfect Fit

There are premium outdoor furniture covers from reputable manufacturers that contain a spring cinch lock for securing a safe and snug fit. Its storage pouch is machine-washable. With over 60 different color styles/patterns available for outdoor tables, chairs, sofas, lounges, and more, the companies provide a range of protective solutions.

To ensure maximum outdoor furniture fortification, it’s imperative to get a cover that entails the perfect fit.

  • You need to use a storage pouch in the right way. Apart from umbrella covers, most patio furniture covers entail a sewn-on pouch.
  • Fold up the cover to match the pouch’s size. Before folding, just ensure you put the pouch outside the bundle.
  • Next, turn the pouch from the inside and outside to cover it. Use a Velcro closure for closing it.
  • For modular protective covers, you need to measure the height, depth, and weight. Measure the width from the widest side between the left and right side.
  • Measure the depth from front to back, reaching its base. Make sure you consider the armrest while measuring the depth.
  • Measure the height right from the ground and go till the highest point.

Measuring chairs and chaise lounge covers

Place all the chairs close to and around the table. For rectangular or oval tables, measure the dining set’s length from one chair. Take it across the concerned table till the opposite chair’s back.

  • Next, measure the breadth across the cooking set from one chair’s back and go till the back of another chair.
  • For round tables, you need to find the dining set’s diameter by starting your measurements from the back of a chair. It will continue across the table till the opposite chair’s back.
  • Since you cover the chairs and table in one set, you need to remember that the measurements will exceed the dimensions of your table.
  • To measure a chaise lounge cover, pull the lounge’s back up to a 100% upright sitting position.
  • Regarding the height, measure the cover from the ground up till the chaise’s back. Make sure you leave a few inches for ground clearance.
  • To measure BBQ grill covers, you need to take ground-level measurements, reaching the grill’s highest part. Leave a few inches here as well.
  • To measure the length and width, measure your favorite grill across its front and go side and side, and go front and back respectively.

The specific cases

If you have a rectangular or square ottoman, you need to measure it properly. Before placing your order, measure the ottoman’s widest part from the left to right. Start measuring from the cushion or leg base. It will give you the width.

For depth, figure out the deepest side, which could be adjacent to the ottoman’s width. To get the height, measure from the ground and continue to the top. You need to round up each dimension, making sure they have the closest inch.

To measure an umbrella, consider the circumference and height of the object. For the former, measure the widest point of the umbrella. For the height, measure the umbrella fabric’s lowest part after closing it.

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