Custom Made Seat Covers in Australia: A Smart Choice for Your Car

Custom made seat covers are probably the best option for your car seats. The fit of custom made covers cannot be compared with anything other than the fit of a tailor made suit that takes care of each and every curve. There are a good number of materials available for you to choose from, for your seat cover.
Custom Made Seat Covers in Australia also bear an imprint of your choice and individuality. We all are different individuals and we deserve that our identity should be reflected in our car’s interiors too. However, certain factors need to be considered while choosing the correct material.
• Luxury:
When quality and comfort are your primary concerns, seat covers should deliver what you want from them. There are certain materials known for aesthetics and the luxurious feel. Genuine leather surely is the first material that will pop into your mind as this is the most widely used material in luxury vehicles.
Velor is one other material, used after genuine leather. The best thing about Velor is that it can match pretty well with the car’s interior.
• Durability:
Neoprene is the material known for its durability and ease of cleaning by a simple hand wash. It is the same material used in making diving suits. Ballistic is one other material that can provide you exceptional durability, even better than neoprene. It doesn’t get punctured even with the pet’s claws, but you’ll have to compromise a bit on the comfort.
If you are looking for ‘all in one’ material, having good texture, aesthetics and durability, then go for Art Leather and Poly Cotton. Art Leather is an array of synthetic materials and in some cases, a little bit of Genuine leather mix. Poly cotton is the mixture of polyester and cotton which is also extremely durable.
• Usage:
• Weekend adventure: For such trips you need rugged textured seat covers in order to stop Mother Nature from leaving an everlasting mark on your interior. If your seat covers need to face wet and dirty clothes, then Atomic covers, made from toughest materials available, are the right choices for you.
• Family car: when kids are on board, you should go for Seat Savers to save your seats from getting spoiled because of eatables like snacks sauces and juices. These covers are an excellent protection against moisture as they are treated with water repellents.
• Animals inside the car: One thing is for sure that driving around the town with your faithful friend can pose certain dangers to your cart seat. Guarding your seat from these problems is a must thing, because you just cannot stop taking your dog inside your car. Resorting to Canine Covers, stops sharp claws from digging right into your seats at the same time also being water repellent.
Wish you a happy, comfortable and hassle free driving with custom seat covers of your choice. Keep covering the miles n spreading smiles.

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