Cultivate the alluring history of Dalhousie

If you have planned to visit the superb Dalhousie in Chamba Valley of Himachal Pradesh, then you ought to be familiar with a brief history of the region and how that has gone ahead to shape its way of life.
The beautiful Dalhousie is now one of the popular hill station of Himachal Pradesh. Like most of the hill stations, the British also discovered this beautiful town.
Lt. Col Napier, a British chief engineer of Punjab is accepted to have initially detected this flawless spot in 1850. In 1854, Sir Donald Mcleod suggested that this town should be named after the then British Governor- General of India Lord Dalhousie.
As a traveler destination, Dalhousie was at its crest somewhere around the 1920s and 1940s. Prominent identities, for example, Rabindranath Tagore, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Rudyard Kipling are said to have gone to this site as entertainment or reflection spot.
The slope station lies at the foothills of the Dhaulandhar mountain scope of the Himalayas and remains at a rough tallness of 8000 meters. This tranquil and lovely destination is brimming with Victorian-style monuments and other notable firms, for example, holy places and sanctuaries. The Dalhousie Club displays the famous architectural style of the Scotland Castle.
The Chamba locale that encompasses this spot is home to antiquated Hindu tribes, for example, Gaddis and Gujjars, which has thusly influenced the way of life of Dalhousie too. The dwellers are warm and friendly and numerous still hold fast to the old-world appeal that the British legacy has abandoned it. Since it is a small community, the people are mostly affectionate and individuals don’t exactly take after the metropolitan way of life.
Tourism is an important part of the town. Nowadays tourists from all over the world ply to Dalhousie not only to witness the amazing beauty of surroundings and Dhauladhar range, also to experience the unique homestay offered by the locals.
Dalhousie is spread across 5 hills and the abundant charm of nature is a complete treat to the travellers. Places like Chamunda Devi Temple, Chamera Dam, St John Church, Panchpula and many other fulfill your excursion to Dalhousie. Different Dalhousie tour packages are in an offer by the different trip planner. You have to browse and pick the appropriate one. Customise trips are also in offer now. 
Whatever the thing, a budget tour to Dalhousie is now just a plan away. April to November is considered as an ideal time to visit the place, however, the eager tourists reach the spot almost throughout the year. Reaching the spot is not a problem, transport service is always included in Dalhousie tour packages. After reaching the hill station, it is strongly recommended to take walks as much as possible, so, that one can soak into the atmosphere well.

Shopping, fooding, treks and other activities can be easily enjoyed here. The hill station’s charm lies in its lush greenery and meandering streams as well. With everything taken into account, the lovely atmosphere conditions, the intriguing history, and the just as astounding social ethos make Dalhousie a hill station worth exploring.

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