Creating Better Customer Personal to Understand your Customers

Triggered by rigorous competition, globalization, deregulation, and saturation of market segments, this electrifying wave of digital marinehas led many call centres India providersto ponder about customer dynamics. In fact, this has become a mission-critical aspect for any business toembrace‘customer-centric’ approach, which in turn, leads totremendous growth. 
Companieslooking forward to carve a niche in the internet-led business world are transformingfrom transactions, products, processes, and channels to the ultimate source of quick and enduringprofitability- the customers. In this ultra-competitive environment, customersare relying on the internet.Every day, newtechnology comesthat give immense power in the hands of the customers so that they can quickly compare prices, specs, quality and otherfeatures with other competitors falling into the same category in just a few clicks. 
Various studies have been revealed that it is easier and as much as six times less expensive to sellto pre-existing customers than to capture a new one. 
Building customer experience is a key to expand your customer base
Businesses have been creating and using visual and descriptive methods of customer personasto bring ‘customer to life’. As customer experience has established across wide business spectrums globally, customer personas are now a primary tool in the arsenal of the Customer Experience Professional.With increasing adoption oflatest technology,bringing the customer to life through the creation of persona is actually very crucial.
Customer experience is not a methodology or a procedure that can be deployed in the form of checklist–a set of ‘off the shelf’standard tasks that must be used, no matter what the scenario is. In actual, the customer experience is one of the only professions in the worldfor which no textbooks or theory exists. It is completely based on experiments that relyon the capabilityof the Call centres India providersto know what tools and techniques to deploy at the right time. 
Pushing out an excellent range of offerings with conventional or stereotyped marketing technique is no longer enough to generate quality leads. There are so many companies that still failing to connect their brand proposition to the wants and requirements of diverse customers who acquired products/services from them. In fact, one of the keyproblems that companies are struggling with is that they don’t have clarityof their purpose in the first place. 
A good customer persona or dynamics include following elements: 
• Are they male or female? 
• Age
• Marital status
• Children
• Educational background
• Work status
• Income 
• Where they live 
Behaviors and attitude
• Preferred channels of interaction 
• Attitude towards your products/services 
• Are they aware about your products and service range 
• What kinds of products& services they earlier used? 
• Are they internet-savvy 
• Are they conservative or innovative? 
Things they value 
• What are their dreams and aspirations?
• What are their key models? 
• What things do they value most while interacting with a company? 
• What are their short and long-term goals? 
• What queries,problem areas or want do they have? 
• Can we solve, answer or satisfy them 
If you are looking to increase your business productivity, you need to utilize customer intelligence and project that effect each function of your business is having on your customer. On top of that, it is always recommended to availcall centre services Indiafrom a reliable service provider. 
Failing to understand your customer persona leaves a business at risk of building a proposition that does not addressyour customer needs. 
Here is the checklist of some practical uses of the customer persona: 
Inform strategy: By examining which type of customer segments to target and at the same time building ‘value propositions’
Augment efficiency: By slashing down costs in orderto serve different types of customers
Capture more customers: By targeting theprofit in a particular segment. This can be achieved by adding features or benefits to a particular segment on the basis of type and value. 
Retain customers:By devisingcampaign with the sole aim of retaining customers of 
certain segments. You can achieve this by improving propositions and optimizing areas of customer dissatisfaction. On the top of that, you can improve general engagement with particular customer segments. 
Enhanced customer relationship: By setting up next campaign with effective loyalty incentive for a specific segment. 
Looking to augment the journey to achieving profitable customer intimacy, you need to embarkon customer personas which includedeep understanding of the customer patterns, behavior and attitude. 

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