Cover the Floor with an Eco-Friendly Sisal Rug

When the luster of sisal snuggles up with the floor, it brings beauty to the place. Sisal is a natural and durable fiber which compliments almost every type of floor and architect. It is an environmental friendly and biodegradable flooring décor; if you are using it you are doing a big favour to Mother Nature. Sisal floor rugs have many more favorable features which compel you to buy it.
It is a versatile, sound absorbing, fire and water resistant rug. A spill of water and other liquid will not rip it off of its beauty because the fiber is naturally stain resistant. Moreover, a sisal rug comes out to be less expensive than its other traditional counter rugs. Another point that gives people reason to buy it that sisal carpets are easy to clean and maintain.
Floorspace Sisal rugs are made in two ways. One in which pure sisal is used for manufacturing purpose and another where it is mixed with wool (around 60%). In the former, luxuriously luster fibers are woven together to provide users with ultra soft floor covering. The fibers are available in various colors ranging from creamy white to golden chocolate, grayish and even jet black.
Since it is pure sisal, it can be spun into different sizes using different geometric textures.  Where sisal is blended with wool, it provides you with a soft and durable rug. The genuine woven texture and the glaze against the softness not only make room for itself in your house but in your heart as well.

A sisal floor rug is fit for your seating area, living room, bedroom and even entrance. Whether your floor is made of marble, tiles or hardwood, a sisal rug will compliment each one of them. Moreover, a sisal rug proves to be a healthy choice. It is best for houses where people residing are allergic to dust since it will be trapped by the sisal rug keeping your area and life clean.
If you would like to make sisal floor rugs part of your house or office then Floor space will proffer you with a wide choice in terms of design, color, size, shape, texture, etc. Each one is a masterpiece exclusively crafted by a skilled artisan. You can visit and select the one as per your choice and specifications. However, if you don’t find exactly the rug which you have been looking for then you can also buy a tailor made rug.
In ‘create your own rug’ option, you can select the various features which you desire to have in your floor rug. There are various exciting designing options available in both the cases i.e. pure sisal rug and blending it with any other fiber. Ultimately, the fibers will be woven accordingly. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and only by meeting your specific needs we can achieve that.
If you are buying a sisal rug, you are making a right choice. Nothing will brighten your place like it. It will accentuate your home and office and make it stand out.

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