How They Save Relationships

Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling: How They Save Relationships

Romantic relationships are very hard. They start off great, but sometimes people start feeling disconnected from their partners. However, it doesn’t mean all the hope is lost. Sitting down together with a third-party can give a new life to a relationship. For example- a Maryland couple can get marriage and couple therapy in Maryland to make things work again.

Couples therapy is an effort to save a relationship from falling apart. It doesn’t matter whether someone is with their partner for six months or 60 years, they may require external help from a wise expert to give their relationship a well-deserved chance.


The idea of couples therapy frightens people. They think it is the last effort to save a relationship. However, the idea is not as bad as it seems. It’s a session where couples are told how to deal with issues that are affecting their relationship. It is actually a concept where two individuals solve their problems without arguing over stupid things.

In other words, couples therapy can be described as a psychotherapy where an expert (a therapist) with years of experience in the respective field works with a couple to resolve their conflicts and improve their relationship. For example- a Rockville couple can get a help from a therapist for couples in Rockville to resolve issues in their relationship and make improvements.

How a therapist handles a conflict between two individuals depends on more than one thing. They include:

  • Focus on an issue. It can be an addiction to something, jealousy, and sexual problems.

  • Talking to both the individuals at the same time, instead of attending one individual at one time.

  • Providing a solution at an early stage.

  • Treatment objectives.

Usually, a couples therapy starts with questioning the individuals and identifying the real issue. The questions may be based on the relationship history, origin, and values. Once an issue is identified, the next step will be to focus on the treatment.

During the treatment phase, couples are given assistance to maintain their relationship. They are told where to make improvements. Apart from that, they are given insights into their behaviors. Through the therapy, couples come to know their real issues and methods to resolve them without arguments.

Sometimes during the therapy, it may be uncomfortable for an individual to reveal everything to a therapist but it also helps in getting a solution to their problem.


Some people believe that a failing relationship can be handled by communication. It may work in a few cases, but many couples need an assistance from an expert to resolve the real issue and get their relationship back on the track.

A therapist brings the two individuals on one platform where they peaceful talk about their relationship problems and try to get rid of them. The expert can do more than just resolving the issue.

  • A New Way To See A Relationship: Instead of talking about the issues again and again, couples are told to see their relationship in a new way. Under the guidance of an expert, they are taught to see each other through fresh eyes.

  • Practical Way To Resolve An Issue: Instead of false notions and temporary solutions to an issue, a therapist follows practical methods to resolve an issue. They get a chance to forget their partner’s past mistakes and focus on their present.

  • Healthy Talks: Instead of just talking about issues, a good therapist conducts sessions where couples can talk to each other for a long time. Here, couples learn how to stay connected to their partners without distractions.

  • Admitting Mistakes: During therapy sessions, couples learn the art of admitting their mistakes. Instead of blaming their partner for everything, individuals learn to analyze a situation and react to it.

  • Professional Help: In the form of a therapist, couples get a help from an experienced third-party who doesn’t take one’s side. They realize the wrong things in their relationship and try to get rid of them.


A therapist can show the most accurate approach to resolve an issue between a couple. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, then get couples therapy in Maryland at Olga Bloch. Here, you are given the right guidance to handle your issues and resolve them.

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