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Convex Mirror – Providing You Better Visibility On Road

The term convex mirror is used for defining a mirror that lays focus on the center of the mirror or the curvature. It means that it lays emphasis on the focal length, axis, etc. It is also called the curved mirror or the fish eye mirror. Some also refer to it as the diverging mirror because it tends to reflect the bulge of the surface towards the source of the light. They help in reflecting the light outwards and so they are used for taking away the light from the particular source. Here are some of the uses of this mirror.

Magnifying Glass

One of the most common uses of this mirror is the magnifying glass. Basically, the concept of the glass comes from joining together 2 kinds of convex mirrors, which in turn helps in seeing you things from a larger perspective. You can see smaller things at a magnified scale using these mirrors.
Security Purposes
Often times it happens that there are a lack people to cover a security area. In simple terms, it is not possible to manually deploy too many personnel for managing securities in commercial places or even areas like parking lots, markets, etc. When you want to keep a tab on who is going out and coming inside, you can easily make use of the convex mirror. These mirrors are strategically placed across different points of the building or even a larger enterprise. Then through one mirror, it becomes possible to get a back view and in this way keep a track of who is entering or exiting the area, without much of fuss.
In Hospitals and Larger Buildings
Most of the huge public buildings like hospitals, railway stations or even subways make use of the convex mirror in different areas. Here what happens is that people are always rushing around and moving at a rapid pace. Hence, there is a very good chance of them banging into each other or even hurting themselves. Here the other risks include trolleys or goods crashing into each other which not only mean losses financially, but with the chemicals there are also lots of other risks involved. Hence, it makes sense to install these mirrors around the corners of such places in order to ensure that there is no collision and the accidents can be avoided.
For Vehicles
One of the most commonly used places for convex mirror would be the rear view mirror along with the side mirrors of different cars and vehicles. A fairly common problem that drivers experience is that the light from the vehicles behind tends to obstruct the drivers view. The reflected light can cause a diversion even if for a second and this increases the risks of accidents. But the convex mirror on the other hand ensures that you divide the light, and also get a clearer view of the car behind. The magnified image view helps in getting you a heads up on the cars behind and also on the side. This way, a lot of road accidents can be avoided.
In ATM’s
Along with the above, these convex mirrors are also used in ATM’s across the world. Not all ATM’s have the provision of a door and so the taking out of cash becomes risky, especially when you are typing the password. These mirrors are used on the front side of the machine so that the person who is taking out the cash can keep a track of who’s approaching from behind. This is especially crucial for preventing password thefts and sudden mugging attacks, which are very common. So, catch multiple benefits convex mirrors for both the indoor and outdoor use today!

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