Confused About the Wooden Baby High Chair? Take Tips

Being parents is such a blessing. You buy everything that a baby needs and create its own small world in your house. One thing that is always on your list is a baby high chair. It is something that every parent needs the most for their child. Earlier, buying a baby seat used to be an easy task, just go to the market and purchase the one and only style that is there at the shop.

However, today things have changed. In addition to the safety of the child, style and quality are also considered while buying a high chair. With time, there have been drastic changes in the way manufacturers make these chairs. But how can you be sure about which one to buy?

There are various models of baby chairs available in the market today with elegant look and safety stamp. But is it all you need? What about comfort or you can compromise on comfort for safety? It is not all. There are so many options and material to select from. Plastic chair is neither durable nor exclusive and metal chair, no way? How about a wooden baby high chair that gives you a classic yet contemporary feel?

With the earthy tones and elegant designs, these high wooden chairs provide comfort, warmth as well as safety to your child. The wood of the chair is well finished, and the plastic tray is a safer option as it is detachable and dishwasher safe. Hence, the chances of germs on the chair are also very less.

Besides, almost every baby product is inspected by “Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association” before it comes into the market. Baby items having this label are certified by the expert professionals. So, before buying a baby chair, check for the trademark from this association.

Other than safety measures, it is very important to look for other elements such as how stable the chair is? The broader distance between the legs of the chair indicates better firmness of the chair. Do not forget to check the material of the legs whether it is wood, metal or solid plastic. If the legs are hollow from inside then over the time, they will lose their stability.

Any wooden baby high chair you opt for must have a restrained system in at least 3-5 places rather than the conventional lap belt. The child usually slips under the strap and hang out of the chair with strap on. This can be dangerous for the baby. The restraint points do not allow that to happen and hence this technique has become an industry standard for safety measures.

Nowadays many wooden baby high chairs come with seat cushions also for the better comfort of the delicate body parts of the child. But it is entirely your pick whether you want a thick cushion or a softer one as they are available in different materials.

Most parents are curious to know when their kid will be ready for a baby chair. Generally, it is required around six months of age, when the child starts taking the solid food. The high chair supports your baby to sit comfortably to have food before they move to the dining table.

Another important point to buying a baby chair is that it should have a reclining back so that it can support the head of the child if he falls asleep.

The points are given above play a vital role important role for the comfort of the baby. However, safety measures are equally significant, and wooden baby high chair should be purchased keeping both the things in mind.

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