Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Planning to Buy Contemporary Artworks

There is no denial to the fact that in today’s age, contemporary art has taken a giant leap and emerged as a significant contributor in boosting Indian economy. It was a thing of past that the contribution of Indian contemporary artistswas not acknowledged by the global critics and art collectors. But, with the passage of time new age artists like Subodh Gupta have worked dedicatedly to bring a paradigm shift in how Indian art is perceived across the globe. This shift has also created great opportunities for talented budding artists to earn their livelihood while working their passion. Today, Indian contemporary artworks are the top choice of almost every art buyer.  

What is Contemporary Art?

In layman’s language, the term “contemporary art” implies to any form of art which has been created or being created in the present era. By utilizing assorted mediums, contemporary artists often portray modern-day society and culture. It is difficult to define the period when modern art ended and contemporary art came into existence, as both of them overlapped each other. Many art critics are of the opinion that the era of contemporary art began around 1970s.

It goes without saying that contemporary artworks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also capable of adding marvelous effect to the décor of any home. That is why, new age homemakers looking to create an enthralling atmosphere across their surroundings love to buy contemporary art and adore their houses with enchanting paintings and striking sculptures produced by Indian contemporaryartists.

There are many art lovers who want to buy these artworks to furnish their home, but don’t know where to start from. To help such art lovers, we have listed some points which will help them in choosing the right artwork:

  • Determine the purpose of buying art Before buying any an artwork, it becomes important to determine the purpose. Though, there are multiple reasons why art buyer chooses paintings. While some people prefer artwork to décor their homes, others buy art as an investment and for creating amazing collection. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the purpose and pick the artwork that suits your purpose.    

  • Understand your taste & preference This is another important point to consider while buying artworks. Trends come and go; therefore, you must choose the artwork based on your own taste and preference. You should not influenced by latest trends and opinions of others. A number of unique art forms set to evolve and widely accepted by growing community of contemporary artworks. Make sure that the artwork that you select must complement your home furnishings and color scheme.  

  • Gauge the prices Not all artworks are expensive. In comparison to original paintings of eminent artists, original paintings of budding artists and fine-art prints of original paintings are relatively affordable. If you are buying art as an investment purpose, then you should buy original paintings; otherwise, you can buy inexpensive paintings that are good to add charm in your home and workplace. Undoubtedly, some cheaper art collection holds the same design as the high-priced paintings.    

  • Artistic value- As you consider the aforementioned points while buying an artwork, don’t forget to take its artistic value into account. Art value can be defined in terms of its creator. Seasoned artists, who have industry-wide experience and professional skills, are well known for delivering high-quality of artworks. Contemporary paintings created by such artists hold greater artistic value. You must abstain from buying a painting that is a cheap copy of some famous artwork. A good artist is one who is able to express his perspective clearly. Such artists are bestowed with the blessing of expressing inspiring ideas and their painting mark uniqueness. Any given day, buying original master piece of such artists is a better option than buying a cheap imitation. Usually, such original master pieces retain artistic value when displayed in the auction events.  

It goes without saying that having art in your home is an incredible experience. So, if you are planning to buy original contemporary art, consider the above points in your mind and you will be able to collect beautiful contemporary artworks effortlessly.

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