Citizenship by investment: Why should you choose Grenada?

Grenada is undoubtedly a beautiful region which not only attracts travelers but many people love to settle there as its citizen. Heart-taking Island, magnificent mountains and splendid water waterfalls have made Grenada a heaven for the people who live there. It was the year of 2013 in which the independent island of Grenada launched the Citizenship by investment. There is no any doubt that Grenada citizenship by investment became a great opportunity for people to spend their lives in a heaven-like piece of earth and take the benefits of the opportunity being offered there in the island.
Fortunately according to the new policy of Grenada, dual citizenship is lawful means the government recognizes the dual citizenship/nationality. It is not less than good news for those investors who want to keep their current citizenship with them and obtain the nationality of Grenada as well and continue their investments plan in Grenada.  Following are the prime benefits from the Grenadian citizenship by investment program:

  • Rapid processing which takes only four months
  • You can include your parents (who should be, according to the policy, sixty five years old)
  • You can include your children (who should be, according to the policy, under twenty five)
  • Your visit to Grenada is not required / needed during the process of your application
  • There would be no interview needed, any requirement of qualification or any professional experience needed

The most attractive benefit is that after getting Grenada citizenship by investment, you can travel to over 100 countries (Including Europe’s Schengen) without Visa.
Recently an E-2 Visa program signed between the United States of America and Grenada to initiate a business journey together which will allow Grenada citizen to live there in USA.
The citizen of Grenada will not pay any tax on worldwide income.
There are many other benefits are awaited for those who apply for the citizenship of Grenada by Investment.
First you will need to submit the Grenadian Citizenship application form. Following are the documents which you will need to submit along with the application form;

  • You will need to submit a financial institution
  • Character certificate (Police certificate) from your native country
  • You will need to submit bank statement of your active bank account / financial institution
  • Your fresh four certified passport photographs
  • Original along with a copy of your marriage certificate
  • Original along with a copy of your birth certificate
  • Original along with a copy of your spouse’s birth certificate

In the case of the death of your spouse, you will have to submit his/her death certificate along with your application.
Grenada citizenship by investment is attracting a large amount of investors. Though Grenada is called a heaven for travelers but now the numbers of visa-applicant of Grenada are increasing very rapidly which shows how beneficial it is to apply for Grenada citizenship by investment.

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