How To Solve Some Of The Challenges That Water Treatment Firms Face

Water treatment systems experience a lot of challenges. The plant can solve these challenges to keep it ahead of other treatment plants. Read this post to understand some of the common challenges that water treatment firms face.

Monitoring and record-keeping

A lot of water treatment systems do not have enough instrumentation to check the parameters to detect problems at their most reversible or preventable stages. Even where there is adequate instrumentation, a lot of facilities do not record their data correctly to allow them to see preventative procedures.

It may seem as if you have excellent feed water combined with the best membrane unit that the system operates on its own. However, this is not the case with most water treatment plants. It is important to monitor certain parameters such as pressure across each stage, normalised permeate flow, percentage salt rejection and so on.

Equipment design specification

Water treatment systems face this challenge. Industrial water treatment is a booming business and there are more OEM’s entering the market. Most of them have little experience so it is important to understand the ideal design specification you need to minimise problems.


Water treatment facilities need high maintenance. Poor maintenance of the treatment plant can have serious implications on the performance. It can result in serious damages to systems, increased costs and financial losses to clients. It is therefore important to have a continuous maintenance process in the water purification systems.

A continuous maintenance process in your water treatment systems reduces the fouling and scaling of membranes. It also helps to save money due to the reduction in downtime of the units. Leaks can be found and repaired before they cause substantial damages to the facility. Clients can also predict trends in pressure and flow and pure water quality to enable good results through keeping good maintenance records.

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