Celebrate your achievements with trophies and medals

In the field of sports, there are lots of competitions which are organized to judge one’s excellence in a specific category. Without trophies and medals, competition is meaningless. They are given to encourage the winners or the participants to perform better in their next competition. In fact, these trophies do not just echo the achievements of winners but also convey a sense of pride, recognition, and accomplishment.
Hence, all the sports tournaments make a special arrangement for medals and trophies to celebrate the efforts of the deserving candidates. These trophies and medals are available in wide variations in online and local markets. You can even place an order for medals or trophies with unique designs.

Striking features of trophies and medals: 

A medal or a trophy is a durable and tangible reminder of your specific achievement. It serves as evidence or recognition of talent and merit. They are awarded to the sportspersons for various events like professional level athletics and youth sports. There are many places where medals are given in place of trophies or along with traditional trophies. For the competitors, these trophies and medals carry great significance. They can go beyond their normal capacity to achieve the awards.

Popular types of, trophies and medals: 

Since centuries, people have been showing their interests in different forms of sports. This reflects through their active participation in the sports tournaments. A large number of schools, offices, clubs and committees are organizing events for the fanatic sportspersons. To motivate the participants, they also keep trophies and medals of various types, styles, and sizes, based on the category of sports.

Here is a quick list of some popular types of trophies and medals used these days.

  • Entry level trophies: These are simple in design and inexpensive in price. The design possibly consists of a figurine, small marble base and column. They are given to the participants who have achieved success in entry level of sports.
  • Participation trophies: No one should get disheartened and feel disheartened with their loss. The participants also get a trophy to highlight their endless attempt to reach their goal. Such participation trophies may be their key to the winner’s trophy.
  • Resin trophies: They are crafted with lifelike details and interesting designs. They are generally made up of petroleum derived elements. As a result, the price of the trophies often fluctuates with the price of the oil. 
  • Championship trophies: Obviously, the champions are the winners of the sports events and they deserve the best trophies among the lot. The championship trophies are found in multi-column designs. When a specific team wins the winner’s trophy, the members are generally given individual medals and trophies to commemorate the event.

Importance of giving trophies and medals: 

When it comes to winning or losing a match, the sportspersons give their best efforts to fulfill their aspiration. A trophy or a medal is given to appreciate and recognize their achievements. No matter which field they represent, it is absolutely necessary to commend their excellence and skills by giving awards. These trophies and medals are commonly given in fields like sporting events, corporate events and academic institutions.
Among the abovementioned areas or fields, the sporting world demands the most awards. It has an array of sub areas unlike the fields of corporate events and academic institutions. Many interesting types of events are organized where the individual winners or winning teams are bestowed with special trophies and medals to make merry of their victory. A few common sporting events where one can get these prizes are –

  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Motorsport
  • Basketball
  • Equestrian

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