CBSE’s No Refund Policy Leaves NEET Aspirants and Parents Disappointed

Lately, NEET has been in the headlines for one or the other reasons. After introducing changes in the eligibility criteria, scope and medium of the examination, the rule formulating body for NEET has come up with yet another change. As per the new policy introduced by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in case any student raises any objection regarding wrong questions or answers, he/she will not be refunded the charges for the same.
Exam date for NEET is May 6, 2018, leaving the aspirants with only one and a half month for preparation. However, CBSE has not finalized everything yet and is still introducing changes in the examination.
Thisnewly introduced, No refund policy have left many NEET aspirants and their parents disappointed as it discourages students from raising objections regarding questions given in the exam and their solutions.
Until now, students had to pay Rs. 1000 on raising any objection or pointing out any error.For each objection which turned out to be correct, the money was refunded to the student.
It was from the year 2014 that the CBSE had made the AIPMT transparent by displaying the answer keys and invited objections from the students after a directive from the Punjab and Haryana high court in response to a PIL filed by city-based expert Arvind Goyal.
Since 2014, CBSE has been inviting objections from students by charging a fee of Rs 1,000 per objection filed. If the objection raised by any student was correct then the charge of Rs 1000 for that objection was refunded back to the student. This Refund Policy was welcomed by all the students, parents, teachers and experts. Everyone regarded the policy as transparent and good for the students as they were being given an opportunity to raise their objections and were also refunded the amount charged, if their objection was correct.
Arvind Goyal, who is a biology expert, has termed this no-refund policy by CBSE as ill-conceived and unfair. He said that if CBSE paper setters have framed an incorrect question or given a wrong answer then why should the students, who point out the error be penalized? Why should they not be refunded the amount charged for pointing out the error? He further said that the CBSE must reverse this policy in the larger interest of the students.
Rose Chanchal, a medical aspirant said that the previous policy was fair as students who raised wrong objections were not refunded the amount, thus, only correct objections were raised and in case students were able to point out an error, he/she could present the same, without any financial loss. He regarded the no refund policy as unfair and also said that the fee for raising an objection is also very high.
Another medical aspirant, Manasvi Arya said that by introducing such a policy, CBSE is discouraging the students from filing objections.
The no refund policy has left everyone downhearted and everyone is asking CBSE to reconsider this policy. Experts have already written to CBSE in this regard.

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