Porting Status Online

Can I Check Porting Status Online?

Mobile Number Portability allows you to switch to the network of your choice without changing your number. According to the new TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) guidelines, the process of porting takes about 2 working days to be completed once you have submitted your application for MNP.

Technically, there is NO SPECIFIC PLATFORM that can give the exact MNP status. So one should not rely on the unsecured websites as the information shown there about your MNP status is generally incorrect.

For an easy and convenient MNP process, you can try using 10digi which is a secured website for Mobile Number Portability. It’s the most effective way of getting your number ported sitting at home. 10digi is an authorized partner of all major network service providers in India.

Is there any way of tracking my MNP request?

Although there is no way to know the exact status of MNP, but you can keep a track of your new SIM delivery when you order your SIM Online. Now the porting process is really easy and quick. You need not wait for many days to switch to another network.

Here is the information on how to port number online.

  1. How to place an MNP request?

To begin the MNP process, you have to generate an unique porting code by sending the SMS “PORT(space)(mobile number)” to 1900.

(You have to share this code at the time of delivery of the new SIM.)

Unique Porting Code is valid for only 4 days from the day of its generation.

Generate a request of MNP at 10digi.com, just select your preferred new mobile connection, pick a plan and add your delivery details. 10digi  runs offers and discounts and gives free delivery.

  1. Processing MNP request

Your MNP request will be processed by the telecom service provider.

  1. Verification and Delivery

One of the representatives from 10digi.com will visit you for SIM delivery and will also help you in completing digital KYC for your new number. You can start using this SIM when your MNP request is processed by the service provider.

When will you get a SMS of confirmation of the MNP request?

After you have placed your MNP request, wait for 2 working days for your request to be processed. You will receive a confirmation SMS on your current number.

When can you change your SIM?

Your old network SIM will lose network signal and at that moment you can change your SIM.

This usually happens at mid-night. So, your number will stay active during the entire process of MNP as well. The network down time is just 2-3 hours in the mid-night.

  1. First Recharge (FRC)

In case of porting to prepaid connection, your selected first recharge plan will be added to your account automatically when you have completed the tele verification of your number after your new SIM is activated.

For tele-verification: dial 59059 from your new number and follow the steps as instructed in the IVR.

Can a MNP request be rejected?

A MNP request can be rejected by the current service provider for reasons like unpaid bills etc. If you are not eligible for the MNP process your porting request will be rejected.

Here are some common reasons for rejection. Make sure you keep them in mind before creating a Mobile Number Portability request.

  1. Always submit the correct and valid UPC. Wrong porting code may lead to MNP request rejection.
  2. 90 days rule: When you have not spent at least 90 days in the current operator before submitting a MNP request. Once ported successfully, if you initiate the porting process before 90 days your porting request will be rejected.
  3. Keep your dues clear. There should be no pending bills or payments.
  4. Personal information submitted while KYC should match with the information on the identity proof.

You can easily port your number online using this link Port number online

If you are facing any such issues in the porting process, you can start the MNP process again with

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