Can Dedicated Server Hosting Increase Site Speed?


Site speed or loading time of a site is very important, especially from the dual perspectives of user experience and search engine optimization. In fact, weightage given to this parameter by Google is significantly high. Now, the question comes – can dedicated server hosting help in optimizing page loading time? The topic is interesting because dedicated server is a costly proposition. In this blog, let’s start with the question of site speed.

Is there a need for speed?
Speed of site is a very important factor. In fact, high site speed is nothing but least loading time. If you think this is relevant only from search engine optimization perspective, you are wrong. The most important aspect is the experience of users, who are coming into your site. If the users have a good experience, especially with page loading time, the satisfaction will automatically reflect in the ranking of the website in search engine ranking page. If you have a site that loads slowly, the automatic repercussion will be felt in terms of high bounce rate. In fact, this single aspect can neutralise all other SEO parameters such as social shares, activity profile, links, and many more. Though tweaking on the codes can definitely make your page load faster, another factor that can accelerate your growth is the adoption of dedicated server hosting. When you opt for this hosting option, there are no other site owner who is sharing the available bandwidth. Therefore, chances of downtime are almost nil. Even when there is a spike in web traffic, a website owner is better equipped in dealing with the same. If you are not quite familiar with the idea of site speed, it must be said that even a delay of 1 or 2 seconds can make loads of traffic to bounce away from the site. Therefore, it is always recommended to go with dedicated server hosting. It increases load speed of websites significantly. 
Now, the question comes – how does dedicated server enhance speed of site?
To understand the dynamics, it is first important to know how shared environment works. When a hosting solution is rented (essentially shared in nature), a site owner is renting server space from a hosting company that is also providing server space to many other users or site owners. If you rent 1GB worth space from a server, it means you are sharing the server space with hundreds of other websites. When this is the case, disk space, bandwidth, memory, and others also get shared. However, it should also be kept in mind that the server owner would also put limits of every site that rent server space. The owner does it for maximizing his business and making the business profitable. When you choose a dedicated server hosting, memory, bandwidth, disk space, and everything in the server is dedicated in nature. That’s why the resultant site speed is also much better in case of dedicated hosting.
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