Camping Essentials For First-Timers

Camping has become an increasingly popular activity amongst Australians of late. It offers people a break from the monotony of the city and gives them an experience unlike anything else. Australia is one of the world’s premier camping destinations, thanks to its pristine forests, breathtaking coastlines and starry skies.

However, camping is anything but an easy leisure time activity. It requires considerable planning and preparation. Beginners need to get on top of all the nuances of their camping trip. It is essential to stock up on proper camping gear before venturing out into the wilderness. These include tents, sleeping bags, portable fridges, flashlights etc.

One also needs to choose the appropriate location for a campsite and know the best time of the year to travel there. It is crucial to take a look at these prerequisites in further detail.

Camping Equipment and Supplies

Convenience and safety are key priorities of any camping trip. One needs to be independent and resourceful in the wild. Having the right equipment can ensure that one’s trip is successful and hassle-free. Some of the most important camping gear are as follows:

  • Sleeping Bags: The Australian wilderness can get ridiculously frigid at certain times of the year. Investing in a snug, comfortable sleeping bag would be one of the best decisions a first-time camper can make. It protects one from the cold and acts as an additional layer of cushion on rough surfaces. In warmer temperatures, one can unzip the sleeping bag and use it as a blanket.
  • Icebox: Ice boxes or portable fridges are great camping tools. Campsites are often remote and disconnected from civilization. Hence it is critical to have an adequate supply of food and water for a successful camping trip. Portable fridges safely store perishable items for long durations. The preservation of meat and other items is necessary as many campers prefer to cook their food.
  • First Aid Kit: Australia is notorious for its dangerous species of animals and insects. One can never be too safe in the wild. A lot of minor accidents tend to occur as well, such as sprains and burns. Due to the lack of contact with the outer world, it is pertinent for campers to carry a well-equipped first aid kit for emergencies. Components of such a kit include bandages, sprays, mosquito repellants and antiseptics.
  • Sunscreen: The same way it gets ridiculously cold in Australia, it can also get ridiculously hot. The harsh UV rays of the sun during the daytime can be extremely harmful. Sunburns are a common problem, especially for first-time campers. Hence it is important to carry along high-quality sunscreen for the trip.

Best Camping Locations in Australia

The diverse climate and picturesque locations of Australia provide campers with several options for their trip. Seasonalities and proximity to cities play a pivotal role in the decision-making process. Some of the most popular destinations are as follows:

  1. The tropics: Plenty of people are keen to explore the northern tropical states due to their lush scenery and warm weather. The Kakadu national park in the Northern Territory is a stellar location for camping. April to October (the dry season) would be the best time to visit this incredible place.
  2. Southern states: The cool European-style climate and picturesque landscape of Tasmania and Victoria make them a popular choice for campers. These locations are mostly visited during the summer seasons.
  3. Subtropical states: The convenient location and moderate climate conditions of New South Wales and Queensland make them perennial camping destinations.

Author: Hannah Gilbert

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