BMW 5 Series – An Iconic Piece of Marvel with Power

When you drive the famous BMW 5 series, you get two different things in the bargain. One of the two is the fantastic comfort features and the other is a powerful engine that allows you to drive on challenging tracks without breaking a sweat. This is a superb looking premium sedan that provides the rider with amazing driving experience to make his ride in it truly memorable.

If you want to ride one of the most premium sedans in the market but do not have the moolah to buy one, then you can look for a used BMW 5 series in Delhi. This amazing car with superb features at jaw-dropping prices in the pre-owned car market is a win-win situation for you. Not only can you own a premium sedan at your budget but will also possess a truly amazing car that is considered as one of the top seller models in the market.

As a style icon in the automobile market, you can bet that the looks of this sedan are truly awesome. The designers of this iconic model have given it a very sleek and elegant look that is truly inspiring. To achieve this, they have used smooth character lines both on the sides as well as on the hood of the car. In addition, they also used chrome liberally at its front and also the back to give it a more sophisticated and dynamic look.

The first thing that you notice when you look at this beauty from the front is the massive dual kidney-shaped engine grill with a lot of chrome embellishments. On either side of this stunningly designed engine grill, you will see cool looking headlight cluster with adaptive LED lamps and DRLs. Similar to the front profile of BMW 5 series, the side and back profile also gives this sedan an amazing road presence and manages to turn eyes on the road.

The designers not only worked hard on its exteriors but have also managed to pack in some of the coolest features inside the passenger cabin to make the ride of any passenger in BMW 5 series truly memorable. When you look at the passenger cabin, you will find that the designers have not spared any effort to make your ride in this incredible looking car as perfect as possible. All the seats are furnished with premium leather and are ergonomically designed. The furnishing is done with high-quality leather and the seats come with individual head and arm rest.

The instrument panel is intelligently designed to make the job of the driver easy. It is additionally blessed with a huge voice recognizable 10.25-inch LED infotainment screen to control various functions of the car.  The suspension system of this car is also a top class that makes the drive in your used BMW 5 series on Delhi roads almost bump free.

If you are impressed by the looks and features of this car and are planning to buy one, then you can choose this model in two different engine options. The lower end trim of this model is blessed with a 2.0-litre engine, whereas the upper trim is run by a more powerful 3.0-litre mill.

When you decide to buy a used BMW 5 series in Delhi, be confident that you are buying a car with the best possible safety features. In any untoward incident, you can blindly rely on these features to keep you out of the harm’s way. All these comfort and safety features make this exquisitely built sedan one of the most popular models on the Indian roads.

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