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Best Pr Firms In India Which Influences The Sweet Bond Of Relationship

India today is considered to be a land of technological advancements and improving modernity which is carefully blended with traditions and culture. A place where not only cultural ideas and customs flourish, but also the flourishment of brilliant ideas takes place. It is here where the journey to superiority begins and ends with ultimate salvation. It is the same place where science has its major effects teaching us curiosity and logic, and god teaches us to be human, faithful and lovely.

PR Agencies in India is a boon , as it not only creates a brilliant relationship between the common mass and the producers but also leads to a technological advancements. India has seen Public Relations consulting evolve in the last two decades. Due to the touch of modernization, this happened a bit faster than expected. Several large firms are celebrating their Silver Jubilees this year. Many of the firms mushroomed in the early mid-90s and interestingly, over a dozen got acquired by the global bogies. There was no information publicly available of the largest firms in India by revenue. Some of the best PR agencies in India would help you to get the suitable options and thus you can now get familiar with all positive aspects.

Together the top firms make huge revenue with top PR firms having good share. This is 2\3 of the organized PR business helping you to establish a better communication. The next set of firms together would contribute more featuring the importance of availing PR services. They are divided into further four most important categories:-

  • Super Giant Firm/s
  • Giant firm/s
  • Very Large Firms
  • Large Firm/s

Super Giant Firms

Ad factors are less than twenty years old and were an offshoot of the ad agency that Rajesh Chaturvedi and Madan Bahal created in 1980. In 2016, it crossed INR 125- crore in revenue and remains the only Indian consultancy in the Top 100 PR firms in the world.

Giant Firms

Edelman India is close to becoming a INR 100 crore firm along with sister brand Zeno. It has completed its five years after it won the Tata Group Mandate. The India operations are led by Rakesh Thukral who is supported by Amit Narayan and Kunal Arora


Music can also be considered as a part of life or an entire life for some individuals. Music is something which not only relaxes a person’s mind but also amuses them with its magical blend, perfect compositions and combinations. Music PR companies nurtures the sole intention of taking music to a higher level. PR comes up with the point where every note will be equally blended with the sweet bond of relationship between the composers and the listeners.

In this way, you can engage more consumers to your business availing the PR services that reveal the smarter way to achieve success in life. You can now become a real entrepreneur and you feel confident to go ahead that aids you to comprehend the utilities of using PR services.

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