Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) treatment

Going for a therapy is beneficial in many ways, especially if it does not involve medicines or painful procedures. That is the reason for the increasing popularity of Whole Body cryotherapy in NYC or WBC as it is mentioned in abbreviated form. As the name of the therapy suggests, it is a holistic procedure for the well-being of the complete body. 
What you can expect from WBC treatment and its many benefits 
Cryotherapy actually means healing with the help of coldness. The idea behind is that ice has pain-alleviating properties. The procedure of WBC is simple and quick. All it takes is just 3 minutes. You are ushered inside a chamber or the cryosauna as it is referred to which has a very low temperature, -274 F.  Protective clothes have to be worn which will be provided at the center where you taking the therapy. Though you stay inside the chamber only for three minutes, you will be supervised so that even if you experience any slight discomfort, you can alert the attendant in duty immediately and you can exit the cabin. Once you are out, your body warms up to the room temperature. This is one therapy that starts showing benefits immediately.
Whole Body Cryotherapy has many benefits to enhance the overall health. One of the benefits of WBC is that it can relieve pain effectively. Pain is caused due to nerve sensitization but with cryotherapy, there can be more stimulation of the nerves, thereby lessening the pain caused. It can also bring down swelling.
Today, it is not physical health that bothers many but even mental health is a cause of worry. It is estimated that all over the world, a majority of population suffers from depression. Though there can be many reasons for depression, sometimes a simple remedy can make for an effective cure. Cryotherapy in NYC can help enhance the energy levels of the body thereby lifting up the mood. It stimulates serotonin release which is can help in preventing anxiety and help enhancing the motivation levels of the person.
It is a scientific fact that cold conditions can stimulate cell replication. Thus, cryotherapy can motivate production of new tissues and thus help replacement of worn out cells. This therapy can be especially beneficial for those suffering from acute arthritis.
Many sportspersons have used Whole Body Cryotherapy to their advantage including famous names such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Usain Bolt among others. Apart from alleviating pain and discomfort from nerves and muscles, cryotherapy can also help in increasing muscle mass and also boost athletic performance by enhancing endurance levels and increasing the energy levels of the body.
Another area where Whole Body Cryotherapy can help is muscle spasms. It is not just athletes or people leading an active life can suffer from muscle spasms but even those who have a desk job. Cryotherapy can in fact decrease muscle spasms and even prevent it altogether.
Cryotherapy is also good for skin and hair as well. As it helps in cell multiplication and also stimulates collagen formation, the skin can become healthier, and younger. Thus cryoterpahy has wide benefits for each part of the body.

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