Become a Master in Perl Language by Learning Perl Training Course

Perl language is a flexible, general purpose programming language. This is a sophisticated general purpose programming language which provides a great software development environment. This language is platform independent, high level programming language and easy to use. Perl is a portable and scalable language that is designed to make the difficult jobs easy. Perl provides better structure for large programs than any other programming language. The simple structure and clearly defined syntax and keywords make it easy to understand.
What the course is about?
In this Perl training, participants will learn about the basics of Perl syntax, from conditionals, loops, and data structures to regular expressions, functions, and object-oriented programming, and will learn how to install and customize Perl scripts. This training course builds a solid foundation for professionals seeking the skills for Perl development in any domain.
This training provides the candidates the basic training in the Perl language and it is intended to familiarise the candidates with the Perl language and enables them to start their coding in its script. By learning this course, candidates will learn how to use the Perl language in their operating system and to write reusable Perl scripts.
This training course will cover concepts like writing Perl scripts, interaction with files, complex data structures, Object oriented Perl programming, database interface, web scraping etc. Participating candidates will also learn about important and most widely used Perl library concepts such as DBI, LWP, Spreadsheet, Data Dumper forkmanager, Thread manager etc.
What candidates will learn?
On the completion of Perl Certification in Denver, participants will be able to

  • Understand and learn about the Basic and Advanced concepts of Perl
  • Understand about the concepts of file handling and directory handling
  • Learn to define and use the data structures, functions and how to use the subroutines
  • Master the concepts of Regular Expressions in Perl
  • write complex data structures for faster processing of data
  • create and use the Perl packages for code decompositions paradigm
  • Understand about the Object Oriented Perl and Modern Perl
  • Learn about web scraping, database interface and multithreading in Perl
  • Learn how to install and use CPAN modules
  • Work on Real-life projects on fetching the data and to store them in the database for future use

The benefits of learning this course

  • Candidates will learn about the Perl language and its syntax
  • Candidates will learn how to use Perl for variety of common tasks
  • Candidates will also learn how to use the regular expressions
  • Candidates will also find the career chances in the Perl language

Who can do this course?
This course can be done by any candidates those who are aspiring to learn Perl. The following professionals can also do this course,

  • Software developers
  • Testing professionals
  • System administrators
  • Automation developers
  • Analytics professionals
  • ETL developers
  • Project managers
  • Web developers
  • Application developers
  • Software professionals
  • Graduates

Candidates those who have prior knowledge in Perl language can also do this cours

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