Basic features of automatic car wash

Automatic car wash facilities are specifically designed to improve overall health of a vehicle and extend beyond just the exterior cleaning. There’re two types of automatic car washes namely; in-bay automatics and conveyor tunnels.
Purpose-built specifically for ultimate cleanliness of the car, the machinery and products used during the procedure are engineered to dissolve even the micro particles of dust, dirt and grime as well as enhance finish of the vehicle.
When talking particularly about Dubai car wash, here’re a few basic features of automatic facilities;
Getting started
In-bays automatics are mostly located at a petrol station equipped with modern car detailing features. It can accessed even at convenience store site or combined with self-serving Dubai car wash facility that accepts several payment methods.
On the contrary, majority of tunnel car washes today are completely automated with a payment gateway near to the entrance with convenience of selecting the wash package without any assistance.
With in-bay automatics, haul the car into the middle of the contraption and carefully eye for the illuminated signs close to the exit, pinpointing when you should halt. For conveyor tunnel Dubai car wash, the front tyre of the car will be positioned at the beginning of correlator also known as conveyor belt; it’s a series of wheels or rollers that ensure appropriate positioning of the wheel.
Driver usually remains inside the vehicle with tunnel wash whereas the vehicle remains in neutral being pulled in the wash station. The machine pushes the car to and fro thereby cleaning the vehicle from all sides.
Wet & soapy
The moment your vehicle is pulled into the tunnel, eyes or sensors trigger the digital control system that starts the cycle. The same goes with in-bay as sensors starts the wash cycle as well as adjust the car in proper position.
A pre-soak solution is sprayed all over the vehicle which breaks away dirt settlement. In some tunnels, vehicle passes through a mitter curtain that cleanses the hood, roof and boot. Top brushes are utilised for initial scrubbing in many in-bay automatics Dubai car wash.
A foam applicator coats a layer of deep-cleaning detergent on the car during pre-soak. The procedure is followed in combination with scrubbing brushes, small cloth strips and large vertical cylinders that rapidly rotates around the vehicle, busting settled filth, dirt and grime. In touch-free automatic wash system, high-pressured water jets the vehicle resulting in same quality cleaning however without brushes.
Advance automatic facilities treat the car with threefold foam polish or wax, especially formulated to clean the chrome, glass, plastic, rubber, metal and rims. The wash and wax cycle removes even the tiniest specks of dirt and grime; applying a tyre shine gel in the end.
Sleek & shiny
The final step in automatic car wash is driving slowly through exit dryers. The conveyor belt gently rolls the vehicle across the dryers blasting air through the nozzles. While most of the Dubai car wash facilities are manually operated, many others are computer-powered offering ultimate convenience and hassle-free process.
The information provided above is generic to the many car washing facilities; both manual and automatic so carefully read and understand the process.

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