Bandage Dresses for All

There are few dress styles which can be invariably spotted in the wardrobes of all fashionable women. Bandage dresses are such a dress which one can always find in the collection of the wardrobes of the fashion conscious women in different geographies around the world. Another significant feature of the bandage dress is its suitability for women of different age groups, from 16 to 60. One can easily find young girls in their teens sporting a bright colored bandage dress on their first date and at the same time mature ladies in their sophisticated bandage dresses on a party night.
This unique selling proposition of bandage dress which makes it suitable for the wide cross section of age groups has been perhaps one of the major factors for its stupendous success in the last five decades. The story of the creation of bandage dress is also interesting. France has been considered as one of the premier places where fashion is in the air. Many legendary fashion houses have the history of their roots in this wonderful country. 
Bandage dresses were created by the famous designer house of Herve Leger in the eighties. He created the dress by stitching together strips of thick and stretchable fabrics. The strips looked like the bandage and thus the name bandage dress stuck to it from the very beginning.
bandage dress
bandage dress
The bandage dress is a tight body fitting dress which clings close to the body contours of the person wearing it. This particular feature of the bandage dress which reveals the body curves aesthetically and conceals the unwanted folds became an instant hit among the fashionable women. The inclination of the women to keep their body slim and fit is universal. They are typically more conscious about their body figure statistics and would try different routes like a diet plan, exercise, gym training, etc. to achieve the perfect body figure. 
When these women donned bandage dresses, their appeal was mesmerizing to onlookers. Famous Cinema stars and fashion celebrities like Jane Seymour or Paris Hilton could be seen in bandage dresses at social parties or glitterati events. Once any dressing style is patronized by the fashion icons, it gets wide publicity through the print or television and their followers are quick to adopt the same. 
It is thus very important to select the right fitting bandage dress so that it looks fabulous on you. The one size higher will not cling close to the body and one size lower would look too tight. The impact of the right sized bandage dress in any gathering can make you the centre of attraction in the event. Surely, many improvisations have been made in the bandage dress by the subsequent generations of fashion designers around the world which make it look good on women who are not blessed with the perfect figure. Many varieties of colorful bandage dresses are available in fashion stores or online fashion sites. These dresses are also available in the affordable price range so that women with shoestring budgets can also purchase them.

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