Attributes of a Good Business Writer

Many businesses fail to define correctly what their business actually provides to its clients and or customers. A good business writer requires an innate understanding of his or her target audience and must also hold a good working relationship with their clients. A business writer with a thorough knowledge of their clients’ business and precisely how it operates will always do better than a business writer who fails to grasp this concept.
During my career as a professional business writer I have found time and time again, that they key to being a successful business writer is to really understand both the audience you are writing to and the business you are writing for. It is your job as a professional business writer to convey all of the key aspects of your clients’ business in a succinct way, that captures the essence of the business and also captures the reader’s attention.
Here’s the crux of the argument. Most business professionals, business owners and CEO’s may have an MBA or graduated from prestigious business schools and universities, but do they have any writing skills on par with that of a professional business writer? What do they do when they need to write a compelling or convincing piece of business writing? They enlist the services of a professional business writer. This is where I come in.
The tricky part is combining the skills of a superior business writer with an in-depth knowledge of your client’s business. This takes a bit of ground work and is something that has taken me a while to adopt as a professional business writer. Many of my clients are of the view that I will somehow innately understand the ins and outs of their business and will then magically apply this knowledge to the content I am writing on their behalf. It really does not work like that. It involves countless phone calls, discussions, emails, research and questions for me to be able to really get an idea of what their business is all about.

One aspect of professional business writing I think is imperative is good grammar and spelling. I think this is a forgotten art in today’s day and age and this may be partly due to the fact that we have auto correct on our phones and laptops to help us along the way. A professional business writer simply cannot afford to write any content with spelling or grammatical errors. To maintain your reputation as an effective business writer you must always spell check and also have a good understanding of grammar, after all this is our profession.
Professional business writing requires not only an understanding of your client’s business, but a list of business writing skills that many business writers take for granted as a natural skill. These include the ability to weed out unnecessary jargon, proofreading, and being on point. Great business writers are few and far between, but that’s not to say that one cannot become a good business writer. This can be a learnable skill.
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