Are There Rules For Coordinating Handbag And Shoes?

Everyone’s knowledge related to style differs. Many girls go shopping to purchase a matching handbag for their shoes. They are those, who regularly collect purses that match their shoes. Actually, there is no need for the shoes to match your handbag.

If you try then you are just wasting money because you will just use the purse with those specific matching shoes. Remember, you can have lot of fun, if you find many ways of carrying one handbag.

Obtain more from a single pop colored handbag

Many ladies have hard time changing their handbags frequently, so they choose a basic handbag, which they think will match every outfit. It is a common thought, which is true, but versatility must not sound boring. For example, a pink colored handbag can be accessorized in five different ways.

1st way – Highlight work outfit

Pink is not a work-friendly color, but as an accent it can be. Choose a neutral outfit like tan colored top, navy pencil skirt, and navy peep-toe pumps. It will be fun to add tan stud earrings with navy lattice cuff. Any colored handbag will highlight your work outfit.

2nd Way – Complement other colors

Use pink as a balance to another color. There is no need to match the shoes with the handbag, but allow colors to harmonize together. Pink bag can complement mint-colored sandals and dress.
Certain colors don’t work with several colors you have in your wardrobe. For example orange and red are tough colors for combining. However, you can step out with several handbag color fun using shades like yellow, green, teal, metallic and burgundy. These colors complement majority of shades in the closet.

3rd way – Monochromatic match

Black and white dressing can be a little boring. A pink handbag will blend tonally with blackish pants but you can add teal colored flats with pinkish tint along with teal earrings.

4th way – As a pop color

An outfit that has no matching color but look through the closet to find a dress that can pop the handbag color.

5th way – Extract color from the print

Pop colored handbag like pink can be used with prints having dominant colors. A little pink in the prints of kimono jacket can be extracted using the handbag. Blue ballerina flats, grey tanks, and white jeans can make you look stunning.
From the above example of pop colored single handbag, you can use it awesomely in five different ways. However, make sure to buy a purse of high quality as well as the size needs to fit your personality and style.

Remember the basic rules

·         Play with color combinations but keep a single color neutral.

·         Simple outfit of solid colors get highlighted from a handbag with some texture.

·         Soft flowing clothes or casual outfit will not blend with a stiff purse. The purse may appear too hard and boxy. Your handbag needs to be soft and match the outfit.

Now, you got an idea of how to use pop colored handbags, so there is no need to have matching shoes. has some of the best commercials related to statement bags, which can be helpful and fun.

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