Answer Writing Techniques For Maths, Biology and Chemistry

Students try their best to perform in the exam and prepare accordingly. But when it comes to appearing the exam they are unable to perform. The reason being, many students even the really intelligent and talented ones, have a strange enemy. They often find it difficult to finish the paper within the allotted time. Generally, students first solve the questions in which they do not have full confidence, thinking that they will solve the easier questions later. But they fail to solve the questions to which they know the answer due to lack of time. Therefore students must follow a strategy for writing answers in the exam.
Here are some tips for writing answers in the exam that will surely help you to get good marks:

  1. Keep your answer sheet neat and clean: Try to avoid spelling mistakes. Don’t put multiple strikes on a wrong word or sentence. If you find any sentence or word incorrect then put one single strike on that. In a long answer of 250 or more words, one or two spelling mistakes are neglected. In case you find a whole paragraph wrong or you are not satisfied with it then you should rewrite the whole paragraph instead of striking out several words or sentences.
  1. Learn Time Management: Start writing your answer with the question you can answer well rather than wasting time in a question that you don’t know the exact answer. This will not only save your time but also will make you more confident. You will feel confident throughout the exam and this will be reflected in your answer.
  1. Maintain Good Handwriting:Writing your answers with a good handwriting will help the checker to understand your answer and will give you good marks. It is not always important to write answers in cursive handwriting but your answer should be understandable and neat. If you are someone who doesn’t have a good handwriting or someone who can’t write fast in a good handwriting then start practising as soon as possible. Because handwriting plays an important role in achieving good marks.
  1. Subject Wise Tip:
  • Maths: In Math, solve the question stepwise because steps of the solution carry more marks than the answer. Highlight the formulas and the final answer. Use quicker methods in calculations to solve more problems in less time.
  • Biology: Try to write conceptual and precise answers instead of writing long answers. Present your answer by including more diagrams because diagrams are the best way to explain any topic. Don’t forget to highlight important points.
  • Chemistry: Try to elaborate your answer point wise. Write the compound name below every chemical equation. Write both, the name and the chemical formula while writing an answer. Write the whole chemical equation in one single line and in case your answer is long then write the equation relatively smaller to adjust the equation in one line.
  1. Answer according to the mark: Write your answer point wise, this makes your answer understandable. Answer according to the mark division. Follow the word limit in writing answers.
  • 2 to 3 lines are sufficient for a 1 mark question.
  • 4 to 5 lines are fine for a 2 mark question.
  • 15 to 20 lines are good for a 5 mark question. You can even include a diagram into it.

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