All you would need for cracking GATE

GATE is amongst the most difficult and coveted exams in the country, and the fact is attainted to its benefits whereby GATE attendants gets a chance to seek admission to elite institutions like IITs, NITs and varied deemed universities. Furthermore, it earns you scholarship from Ministry of human resource along with a chance to do PhD from foreign universities. one five star advantage of GATE is it can earn you the opportunity of working with government sector as most of the public sector units hire engineers through gate scores. Owing to its advantages, GATE exam is designed on high difficulty basis, which tests the basic and underlying knowledge of the basic concepts. The exam is concocted by IITs in collaboration with IISC Bangalore. However, it is important to get through the revised syllabus before venturing for its full fledged preparation. The GATE committee revised the syllabus of the exam in 2016. As per the new revised syllabus, some topics have been introduced and some omitted from syllabus. The topics that have been omitted are found to be redundant or obsolete and have little significance for testing the aptitude of the candidate. On the contrary the topics that have been incorporated are the ones that are important as far as the aptitude testing is concerned. Those who have joined GATE coaching centres would definitely have been well versed with the revised pattern.
If you have already drafted a plan for GATE study schedule then better go with the flow along with the inclusion of these new topics to GATE study.
As the notification was introduces for GATE 2016, it would be wise to purchase books based on the revised pattern and the practise papers that have been designed as per the revised syllabus. It is highly recommended to go through GATE 2016 exam as it will give you an idea of the syllabus and the pattern of questions that have been newly introduced.

Since its already June and most of you would have been busy with internships ordaining, we list you some important points that would  maintain the momentum of studies so that you do not lose track of GATE preparation:
Set some milestones for yourself that you would complete this summer. Join a good GATE mechanical coaching in Rohini. You can browse for the best GATE coaching in Pitampura. This would aid in solve queries related to GATE exam and also provide with correspondence material that has all the topics covered in comprehensive manner.

One important word of caution would be to save energy; this is because industry training is intense. It drains your most of the vigour and you are left with little energy at the end of the day. So, it is highly advised to manage the schedule so that you take out some time for self study.

Industry training has very little impact on campus placements. It has been observed that companies hardly pose any question about summer internships in the interviews. So, one should remain focussed on GATE preparation rather than fuddling tome over useless stuff.
All the best!

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