Picking Air conditioner for your home or office that is can be exceptionally tuff and its make extremely confounding. There are such a significant number of kinds of air conditioners are accessible in our market. Ac care India manufactures wide range of air conditioners. Here is an overview of the products manufactured by them:

Hybrid Air Conditioner

In the hybrid air conditioner, an outside heat source as a sun oriented board can be misused to gather encompassing temperature. After that heat is transferred to refrigerant. This will make weight inside a shut circle of refrigerant, permitting your sun oriented to AC to work.


  • Lower network request
  • Reduced power cost
  • Ability to utilize when the power is cut

Geothermal heating and cooling

Therefore, the ground temperature beneath us remains a genuinely reliable 55 degrees regardless of how hot or cool it is in the environment, this innovation can remove the heat from underneath and move it into your home. A geothermal curl is introduced somewhere down in the ground and can be utilized to heat and cool your home. In the winter, heat is separated from the earth; in the mid year, heat is extricated from your home and dispersed again into the ground


  • Sustainable
  • Energy productive
  • Long life expectancy

Window Air Conditioner

This kind of unit is intended to cool a solitary room. In this climate control system every one of the parts blower, condenser, development loop, evaporator and cooling curl are encased in a solitary box. This unit is settled to the window.


  • Cost compelling
  • Less space required
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy to Install
  • Less Maintenance

Split Air Conditioner

The kinds of ACs are currently a day’s utilized broadly. This unit is involved two sections: the open air, which houses the blower, condenser and extension valve; and the indoor, which is included the evaporator loop and cooling fan.


  • Install according to your decision
  • Attractive
  • Produce less clamor (indoor)
  • Energy Efficient

Compact Air Conditioners

Portable ACs is intended to move easily starting with one place then onto the next. No mounting and remounting is required. It likewise alters as indicated by the changing climatic conditions as it is empowered with both hot and also cool modes.


  • Movable units
  • No installation required

Packaged Air Conditioner

This kind of unit is ideal for cooling numerous rooms or a huge space in your home or office. Every one of the segments, specifically the blower, condenser (which can be air cooled or water cooled); development valve and evaporator are housed in a solitary box. The cooled air is tossed by the high limit blower, and it courses through the channels laid through different rooms. Accareindia is the leading manufacturer of air conditioners in the country.

Central Air Conditioning System

This unit is utilized principally to cool huge structures, houses, workplaces, whole lodgings, industrial facilities, and so on. The focal cooling framework is included an enormous blower that has the ability to deliver several tons of cooling.

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