Ahmedabad, best portraying Gujarat of 21st century

Ahmedabad, best portraying Gujarat of 21st century

Situated on the open and spacious plains of Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is the symbol of Gujarat in 21st century. It is a bustling commercial city of state and not less significant than Gandhinagar, the state’s capital, by any mean. In fact, there are often times when both the cities are referred together and considered as twins. While, Gandhinagar remains the administrative and political seat of the state, Ahmadabad is the commerce capital of the state. Presently, it is the largest city in the state and was once fondly called the “Manchester of India” due to the existence of hundreds of cotton mills. However, time changed and the city transformed from an industrial city into a leading business hub. Today, there is hardly any parameter of modernization that is not present in the city.Sleek office complexes, large residential areas, modern city infrastructure, uber shopping
malls, 5 Star hotels in Ahmedabad, exquisite restaurants, multiplexes, and a large pool of
entertainment centres canvas the city entirely.

Home to the warm hearted Gujarati people, who are famous for their hospitality and geniality, the city, although has a truly cosmopolitan nature, but it still clings to its old traditions, cultures, morale and values. It is very religious and the existence of a large mass of ornate temples, mosques, and other shrines solidifies the fact. The city also has high historical significance. It was the cradle of different major movements for the
country’s independence in the 1900s. It is closely associated with nation’s father Mahatma Gandhi and the famous Sabarmati Ashram. A majority of the total count of people visiting the city are here primarily because of Mahatma Gandhi. In close proximity to the city is the former home of Gandhiji, which today has been transformed into a museum and generates huge tourists’ interest. Besides, the presence of the mahatma can be easily felt throughout the city.

Although the city is not popular as a tourist destination, still it is worth visiting. There is a distinct charm to the city and some really good tourist attractions; besides, who can miss the rewarding opportunity to relish the genuine Gujarati hospitality. Visiting the city in festive seasons is advisable on the basis that it is the time duration when the true fervor of Ahmadabad can be experienced. The city is in bliss during festivals deeply immersed in religious milieu and frenziness of celebrations. Besides, the city is home to some interesting and unique tourist attractions that will keep you hooked to it the whole time. A
couple of major sightseeing spots that you are expected to visit when in the city are:

Government Museum, Allahabad Fort, Alfred Park, Jawahar Planetarium, Sabarmati Ashram, Swaraj Bhawan, Khusro Bagh, and Someshwar Mahadev Temple. A few kilometers from the city centre is a place called Triveni Sangam, a highly sacred Hindu pilgrimage. It is actually the site where three holy Hindu rivers meet and a visit to the place means washing off the lifetime of sins.

The city is well connected to rest of India. National Highway 8 that links Delhi to Mumbai passes through the Ahmadabad and connects to all major cities and towns falling on the route. There is also an international airport about 15 k.m. from the city, connecting the city to different cities in India as well as the world. Besides, trains are the cheaper and convenient modes to access the city. If you are coming from Patna, you can board 19422 Ahmedabad Weekly Express train. Book the tickets in advance, keep yourself updated with 19422 train running status, and get going to the city for a fun vacation.

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