Agra – A Colligere Of Elite and Ancient Indian Architecture

 Agra  - A Colligere Of Elite and Ancient Indian Architecture

One of the top tourist attractions of India, this small city attracts tourists and travellers from all over the world the whole year round. In the attempt to shine a light so as to make the travellers see beyond the importance of Taj Mahal, this article explains the travellers to explore the various other monuments and places of interest in Agra and not just conclude their touring with the Taj Mahal.

Agra is the realm of Mughal-era monuments. To link it with Taj Mahal does not do justice to the line of symmetry of historic monuments. Although the Taj Mahal stands out from the pack and is the main reason of the tourists and travellers visiting Agra, this city is so much more than just the home to one of the seven wonders of the world and only after you choose to look beyond the Taj Mahal, will you begin to appreciate the true beauty and richness of this place.
Tourism is big in Agra and finding a hotel or a place is not hard but it can be gruesome, mainly because of the the high prices. The best way to vacation in peace is to get your hotel bookings done prior to your visit by booking it online. Oyo rooms is fast becoming a popular choice for booking hotels rooms and accommodations. Search for Oyo rooms Agraand get your booking done by comparing the prices according to your preference. The reason for this is, since Agra does not have a particular peak season and is a tourist hotspot throughout the year, this random flow of people throughout the year makes it unpredictable whether there will be enough accommodations. Booking it online and getting a room from Oyo rooms Agra secures you and helps you avoid the long conversations with the hotel owners negotiating the price which they spike up due to the high demand.
Follow the trail of the brilliant Mughal architecture and take a walk past the beautiful gardens. The more you explore the more you will be amazed of the magnificent architecture. Each writing on the wall and detailing has been thought of and all these monuments normally have a strong back story behind the inspiration of its creation. These magnificent monuments are painted canvases of these artistic minds of the Mughal emperors.
Accommodations are easily available in Agra. It has a fleet of hotels you can choose, ranging from cheap budget friendly hotels, mid-range to luxurious hotels, you could splurge and relax in after your long day of sightseeing. You will find many hotels in close proximity to the important monuments like the Taj Mahal where you could get to witness the beautiful view of the historic monument from your hotel. People also largely opt for the hotels near Agra railway station for obvious reasons. Although Agra is approached largely via road from Delhi, there is still a large mass of people from other parts of India who take the train to this city. Being only a two hour drive away from the national capital of New Delhi, it makes it very convenient for tourists landing at Delhiā€™s International airport.
Agra is a city filled with numerous monuments of artistic brilliance and failing to explore the other places and calling an end to your journey after a glimpse of the Taj Mahal would be a regret later on. Surely Taj Mahal may be your main reason of visit but visits to other places will give you an insight into the rich ancient architectural history of India. Visit and be enlightened!

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