A new research finds Lasik safer than contact lenses

“Contact lenses or Lasik surgery; which causes less eye infection”

There was a time when contact lenses were considered a better alternative to surgery but a recent analysis by ophthalmologists indicated otherwise. The details given below are from a research performed at the University of Tennessee Health Science Centre concluding Lasik in Abu Dhabi and everywhere around the world to be safer than contact lenses.
The analysis was made on meta-data following the incidence of microbial keratitis; a corneal infection caused by a bacteria, virus or foreign body especially associated to contact lens wearers post-Lasik. The patients indicated infection overtime due to wearing contact lens and in greater number as compared to those who underwent Lasik for vision correction. Researchers cited;
“Microbial Keratitis is comparably rare complication associated to extensive use of the contact lens postoperatively. The risk percentage for infection is similar in patients using contact lens for one year and much higher with extensive use”
Research also indicated fewer microbial keratitis after one year of using contact lenses as compared to Lasik. An assumption is made following a scenario according to which if surgery poses one percent of risk for infection, contact lens subjects would show 11 times the greater risk after five years of extrapolation.
“Most contact lens users are accustomed to wearing lenses for years which means the risk of corneal infection is higher as compared to those who underwent Lasik in Abu Dhabi”
Prolonged microbial keratitis can lead to severe vision loss or even blindness whereas treatment is far expensive in this situation with a higher risk factor. The factors contributing to the infection faced by contact lens users include hygiene, the type of lens material and history of wearing the lens.
In the United States, more or less 40 million contact lens wearers estimated to approximately one million clinical trials for the treatment of microbial keratitis costing about $175 million in total. The analysis has been directly compared to the rate of corneal infection among the patients wearing lenses and those who had their Lasik.
During the history and course of treatment, many patients lost their vision permanently, needed immediate corneal transplant and even lost the eye; such is the risk. This is the reason Lasik in Abu Dhabi is highly recommended as the treatment is swift giving long-term optimistic results and less risky. A slight percentage of infection may occur but not as threatening as that of the contact lens.
The meta-data analysis is believed to be the first performed after comparing the rates of microbial keratitis in contact lens users and Lasik candidates. Comparing complications of both however is challenging since it’s rare but further analysis and experiments are underway.
In conclusion
It can be concluded that risk of infection is certainly greater for contact lens users as compared to Lasik candidates. Further studies would determine other complications such as dry eye or even vision loss to determine both the safety and risks. For now, you may consider having Lasik in Abu Dhabi due to ultramodern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

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