Data manipulation 

A Gentle Introduction To Data Manipulation

For carrying out the daily business operations, it is necessary to have clear data or information. Despite the industry, knowledge or information affects the organization’s work. It is not possible for anyone for using the data without modifying or organizing it when there is an involvement of a large amount of data with various sources. This is a point at which data manipulation is used. It helps in transforming the data into the required format means in the structured one. Scroll down to understand what is data manipulation.

What is Data manipulation?

Data manipulation is referred to as modifying the data in a structured way. For example, if you will organize the data in chronological order, it can easily access and understand. It is often used in the web server so that website owner can access their most viewed and popular pages easily and their traffic sources as well. Making the data more readable and organizable is done with the help of DML, which is Data Manipulative Language or the programming language. It helps in adding, removing, altering the database, i.e., changing the information in a more prescribed way. With the help of DML, the data can be cleaned and mapped for adjusting with expression.

The DML is the sublanguage of SQL, where it has SQL- data change statements. It modifies the data for accessing the data in an organized manner but does not alter the schema or the database objects. This is a language that communicates with the database. It assists in selecting, updating, inserting and deleting the data to get productive results in the data operations. Now that you have covered data manipulation meaning let’s look at some data manipulation examples.

Data manipulation examples

Data manipulation operations include altering and modify information in an easier and structured manner. If the data is organized in chronological or alphabetical order, it will help find the individual entry and make use of them in a sorted manner. The accounting users or the related ones also use the data manipulation method to alter the information so that the expense of the product, pricing patterns, future tax obligations, and many more can be accessed easily. The stock market analyst uses data manipulation for forecasting the development and future performance in the stock market.

Purpose of data manipulation

Data manipulation is a key feature for business operations and optimization. With the help of it, an individual can deal and use the data as per its requirements.

Consistently structuring the data in a particular format that randomly comes from various sources gives better and summarizes knowledge.

It helps ensure the consistency of the format and provides the historical overview of the data so that you can study it thoroughly before making plans.  Jigsaw academy provides an online data science course that helps you to earn a certificate.

Every organization has to face its external environment. And to do so, the anticipation of future activities plays a crucial role. Data manipulation helps in projecting the data.

Having good control of your database helps you in making appropriate decisions for the betterment of the business.

Steps in data manipulation

The information or data can be modified and recreated in the programs for carrying out the business activities. For this, you should follow the various step. First, the data should be feasible; after that, only data manipulation can be processed. For getting the data, you will require a database from data sources. This knowledge requires getting better information by manipulating and modified data that will help in other ways.

To further work on it, import a database. Data manipulation is how the data and the information can be a blend, deleted or consolidated.

The manipulation of data plays a big role in making the data analysis simpler.

Types of Data manipulation 

The data manipulation represents the data in a structured and organized way. There are mainly four types of data manipulation.

  • Make the program’s movements by inserting, deleting, and modifying the data without altering the database object.
  • Athematic operations – This function is performed based on the order of the operations.
  • Testing data – It is important to use the appropriate information to carry out operations efficiently.
  • Logic operations –  is used while connecting or representing the data or information with the help of special symbols and words.


For carrying out the business activities efficiently, it is important to have the data in the prescribed manner, which can be done with data manipulation. Its uses DML for this purpose. The data manipulation is implied by collecting or gathering, deleting, consolidating or blending.  You can alter the data without changing the database objects, using the method of testing data, using arithmetic operations and logic operations. You can enrol in a data science online course if you want in-depth knowledge about the matter. Data manipulation knowledge assists in making data analysis easier. Data manipulation vocabulary helps in smoothly working on complex data. Jigsaw Academy offers online courses for data science that can help you get a certificate.

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