A few Tips to Preserve Precious Black Pearls

The quality of pearls is based on the luster and nacre thickness. Even though shape and other factors are considered, these two factors are given utmost priority. To preserve precious black pearls, you should follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer. You should understand the fact if the nacre of the pearl is very thin, it may damage very easily. It is possible to get chips or cracks. By taking special care, dull or lifeless appearance can be avoided.

  • Special care should be taken for cultured as well as non-cultured pearls.
  • Wear pearls after completing the makeup. Avoid perfume application on pearls.
  • You should want to remove your pearl rings before the application of creams and lotions.
  • By using soap solutions dirt can be removed from pearls. However, harsh detergents should be avoided as the surface will be damaged.
  • You should not leave pearls in liquid. The cleaning can be accomplished by using a damp and soft cloth.
  • In case of necklaces, restringing is required so that they will be in good shape.
  • Never use abrasive cloth or cleaners as the nacre coating will be lost. If the coating is lost, the beads will appear very plain.
  • While storing pearls, you should not club them with other jewelry. If pearls come in touch with metals or gems, scratches will be formed. You should use a soft box made up of non-abrasive material.

As the nacre coating will be damaged by vibrations, you should never keep pearl jewelry in ultrasonic cleaner. By using an ultrasonic cleaner, small vacuum bubbles will be created in the liquid. The greatest advantage is that these bubbles can go through the intricate shapes. The technology is used to clean some jewelry so that lost sheen will be regained. By following the guidelines given by the manufacturer, you can manage the luster forever!

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