A Few Incredible Things to Do During the Delhi City Tour

Delhi is the most fascinating place in the world which every tourist tends to visit once in the life time. This is one such place that owes a huge ancient history and is even a modernized place and one can easily feel the sign of development everywhere. In the capital city of India one can see the culture as well as tradition and people who love to spend a vacation can easily choose the Delhi city tour and enjoy various interesting things around the city. Starting from the food till the attractions fascinate every traveler and it is even true that people of all sectors can spend a memorable vacation in this fast growing city. One can even explore the marvelous beauty of the constructions and the massive Red Fort in the city which allow people to enjoy witnessing the lovely art and architecture of Mughal rulers. Jama Masjid, The Imperial, Hazra Nizam-ud-din Dargah and a few more are not just popular, but are the places which one must explore during the vacation in Delhi. 

Make a plan
Choose the City Tour from a reputed tour planner and make sure that you pick the heritage tour, which offers a wonderful chance to visit the Old Delhi and other places that are worthy of exploring. The complete city is a feast to the eyes of the travelers as this region is a paradise of foodies, loaded with religious places and at the same time one can see the architectural marvels. The Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Lodi gardens, Lotus Temple, Akshardham, the bazaars of Old Delhi and a few more are worthy to explore during your stay in Delhi. All these are the examples of the historic significance of the modern city and along with the royal constructions there are a few contemporary wonders. Apart from the Jantar Mantar and UNESCO world heritage sites the city mesmerizes its visitors with the museums that are loaded with rich collections.  The Crafts Museum, Children’s Museum of Delhi, Nehru Museum, Gandhi Museum and a few more are not just educational but are even extremely worthy to visit.

Never forget to eat
During your Delhi city tour make sure you taste a few lip smacking dishes that are not just tempting but are one that fulfill your appetite. The kakori kebabs, Faluda, crispy kachori, dilli kay chole, sev puri and a few more in the streets of the Old Delhi always welcome people to have a bite of the delicious snack. And it is true that the holiday in the city doesn’t get completed without eating the delicious and spicy street food in Delhi and a traveler turns to be a foodie after the visit to the capital. There are food joints that offer traditional food as well as the delicacies of various cuisines and one should never miss the fabulous feast served at the bazaars. People who love food can enjoy various varieties of dishes that are specially prepared and one can get a wonderful food the modern restaurants and even taste the street food which fills the tummy as well as heart with a unique taste.

Here is the Delhi shopping guide and things to buy during your trip as this fabulous place is worthy of filling your bag with exceptional collection. Starting from the apparels till the spices one can get various things in the market of the Delhi. Just pay a visit to the Chandini Chowk and get amazing goods including accessories, footwear, handicrafts and many more on the streets of the capital. Starting from the glittering wonders at the Moti Bazaar, Moon Square Market, Chawri Bazaar and a few more offer a unique and classy piece of goods of all sorts.

Choose a tour plan
Get the Delhi day tour packages only from the reputed and licensed service providers or the tour planners who offer an outstanding schedule that offers a feast for your eyes and fills the heart with memories of Delhi during holidays. Whatever may be your choice of exploring or spending your holiday you get everything in Delhi to get entertained as per your age. So get all your reservations done and follow the tour plan as this is one easy way to explore the dazzling city Delhi in a hassle free manner. 

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